Friday favourites: August 11



The Primulas in our complex garden are putting on a spectacular show


This week has been all kinds of out of sorts! We had a public holiday right in the middle of it which made Tuesday feel like FridayWednesday feel like Sunday and Thursday feel like Monday. And now it’s Friday again and I feel like I have whiplash!



A one-of-a-kind Willow original


But looking back, it’s been mostly good. I have been struggling to shake a cold which struck me down on Monday. I feel better by degrees every day, which is heartening. But I’m still not 100% better, which is more annoying than anything else.



Public holidays are made for lazing in bed watching cartoons


I have managed to do some exercise this week though, which I feel is contributing to my good mood. Nothing really strenuous, just some yoga. I hadn’t realised how much I missed it. The first few sessions I felt like a creaky old door! But my joints are loosening up again and it feel so good to stretch out muscles that have been sedentary for too long.



The kids playing at brunch. It is so awesome to watch them interacting with each other!


This weekend will be for relaxing, recuperating, and getting back on top of the housework. I hope you all have a restful one! Chat soon XX


Product of the week; I bought Essie’s Gel Setter top coat weeks ago, but haven’t really used it until now (my nails needed a serious detox!) but now that I have I am really impressed! I did my nails on Monday, I did some gardening on Wednesday and it’s now Friday and there is not a chip in site! I just have a little wearing on my nail tips. This is huge! Usually my nails do not stand up to digging in the dirt. What’s more they still look plump and shiny. This stuff is awesome.



I just realised that I didn’t have a pic of my new tank tops, but I do have one of this striped tee, which I bought at the same time. It’s equally as awesome. I love the embroidered heart. Also, how real life is this photo? My life is an absolute mess!


Purchase of the week: I pulled a tank top out of my cupboard the other day and was appalled by its sorry state. I wear my tank tops almost every day year round. They are great on hot days and are perfect for layering on cold days. My old ones were also years old (bought just after I lost my baby weight from Willow!) and needed to be replaced. I found some lovely ones at H&M for just R80 each. They are so soft, fit really nicely and come in a great range of colours.

Project of the week: Being sick, I haven’t much felt like knitting. But I did manage to finish the sleeve on my striped jersey. Just one more sleeve to go and it’s done! I plan to do just that this weekend.

Random: It’s amazing how much more positive my outlook on life is when the weather warms up. I’m ready to be woken up naturally By the sun in the morning, to not be bogged down by layers of clothing and to enjoy some summer fruit.


Best moment: Having brunch with out friends. We had a huge spread and the kids played up an absolute storm. It was really good for the soul. Also, I can’t tell you how good it felt to be working through a yoga sequence and feeling my muscles loosen up with each pose.



Willow loves flowers


Looking forward to: T shirts, sandals and good weather! And being healthy. I’m so sick of being sick.


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