Knitting project: Toddler hat


Willow modelling one of the hats I made. I have no idea what the face is about…

I like to keep a ‘couch project’ or two upstairs that I can work on while Willow is playing or I am being subjected to yet another viewing of Frozen.

These projects are quick, simple and knit up in a flash. Finishing things regularly really helps keep me motivated when it comes to my more intense projects. Anyway, my latest couch project was this sweet little hat.

I bought the pattern as part of a bundle from The Velvet Acorn aces ago and just never did anything about it, but going through my wool stash turned up this gorgeous cream chunky yarn with a brown fleck running through it. I only had two skeins of it and I thought it would be perfect for this little hat. So I got myself some giant needles and set to work.

The pattern calls for Lion Brand Thick and Ease wool and 8 and 9mm straight and circular needles. It was a very quick and simple knit. The pattern does call for double pointed needles, but I found I didn’t really need them if I used the magic loop method.

It’s knit in stockinette stitch in the round and the chunkiness of the wool makes the fabric come together beautifully and the runs you can get from magic loop were easily disguised. I made the toddler size, but Willow has a huge head. I would have been better off knitting up a child size to achieve the slouchiness of the pattern. Still, she’s in love with it and that makes me happy.

To finish it I steam blocked it with my iron, wove in the ends and made a huge pom pom to go on top. In the end, I used up both skeins of wool and that included a failed pom pom attempt before I finally got it right. To make the pom pom I ended up using two toilet rolls and it makes a lovely full, large pom that I was very happy with.

It was an easy pattern and very satisfying to work on. It’s a great beginner project as well.


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