Mini Dining/Kitchen Makeover


I don’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden we’ve had a mini makeover in our dining area.

It all started with chairs. We have been noticing for a while that our dining chairs were in a bad state. They have just not aged well and were starting to look a little worse for wear. Then one day I was looking at furniture to rent for a show I’m doing for work and this started the conversation of getting new chairs.

Once the ball was rolling we just seemed to go with it. We looked online at all the different types of chairs that we liked. We found a show room so that we could see them in person and sit on them. We liked what we saw, discussed our options and got a quote. Then we ordered and paid for them and just like that, we have new dining table chairs, new nook stools and a vanity stool for the main bedroom. That escalated quickly.

A was also so kind as to build me the plant stand I’ve been harping on about for ages. We have two cats and need three little boxes, one of which is tucked into the corner of my dining room and it’s really been bugging me. I came across a DIY copper plant stand in Pinterest and fell in love. I turned it over to A who said that he could do it for me.

We took a trip to Builder’s warehouse to buy the supplies. And in one day A had it done. It would have been done in an hour if it were not for the fact that we needed to wait for the glue to dry. It is so gorgeous! I’m obsessed. We had a plank of wood we’ve been hanging onto for years which we cut to size to make a table top and that’s all she wrote. It now sits beautifully in the corner displaying this incredible peace lily. I have placed an order for one to be made for the upstairs cat box as well.

In all the rearranging and swapping out we decided that the carpet in the dining room was serving no purpose so we decided to pass it on. I also decided to get new curtains to round it all out. It looks like a completely different room!

It was all a bit whirl wind. We didn’t plan for a full make over when we started, but I’m so happy with the result. A change was needed and the room now feels fresh and vibrant.


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