Friday Favourites: August 4


The sunrise while driving to A’s parent’s house

Well, hello August! We’ve made it to the end of winter and I am stoked.

Spring comes around pretty early in these parts. I really need to stop kidding myself that August is still winter. Yes, there’s still a chance of late frost, but on a whole August is when I feel we have that unpredictable, transitional spring weather.


My orchid has two tiny flower spikes! I’m so excited! This has never happened before.

The jasmine is in bloom, my Kalanchoe is going mad, my orchid has flower spikes and my anthurium is covered in new growth. Not to mention that spring stock is starting to make it appearance in the shops. I can feel my mood lifting already.

We will be in shorts and tees complaining about the heat before we know it! I can’t wait for warm weather and outdoor activities. I’m itching to get stuck into the garden, to enjoy taking Willow to the pool and just getting to feel the sun on my skin.

This weekend I’m going to watch the Super Rugby final at Ellis Park with my dad. Our team, The Lions, are playing against the Crusaders from New Zealand. This is the first final in South Africa since 2010 and the first final we’ve had at our home ground since 1993. I’m amped!

Sunday is going to just be a chill day at home. Our close friends are coming over for brunch and I’m really looking forward to it.


A picture taken at Willow’s request. Her favourite thing now is to get into a cute pose and say ‘Mama, take picture me!’

Hope you all have a great weekend. Chat soon! Xx

Purchase of the week: I invested in a new pair of leather ankle boots and I have barely taken them off. I love them so. I got them on sale, but I feel that the style is pretty timeless, I will get a lot of wear out of them.


This view never gets old

Project of the week: I have been setting up my new bullet journal and I’m really excited about it. I have just finished my old one and I’m looking forward to my new journal having a little more direction and refinement. I have some fun new pages in mind and plan on being more creative with it.


Random: I picked up a pencil and did some sketching for the first time in years the other day. I’m actually really pleased with the result. I have been indulging my creative side more and more lately. It feels so good to give myself that freedom. I have decided that it needs to be a priority in my life.


Best moment: Willow has been singing more and more in recent days. Over the weekend she spent ages arranging a heard of beaded cows in a line singing Old Macdonald’s Farm. It was possible the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

Looking forward to: A weekend of rugby and time spent with family and friends. We’re going to be a pretty busy this month so I’m really trying to make an effort to soak it all up.


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