Five Things that Made Me Happy in July


Wearable blankets

At the end of June, I spotted this beauty in a little store while I was wondering around and I bought it on a whim. It’s genius. And ridiculously simple! It’s a blanket with arm holes. The one I bought was grey and steel blue and is reversible. Since then I have barely taken it off and have added to my little collection with a navy and burgundy number. They are amazing and I love how I can wear a blanket out in public and look fashionable while being toasty warm. I can see these being in my collection for years to come.


I have been knitting up a storm and loving it!

Knitting up a storm

When it gets cold the knitting bug really hits me hard. I love spending evenings wrapped up in a blanket getting lost in endless rows of stocking stitch. I have been working really hard on a stash busting striped jersey that is very near to completion. It’s a little crazy, but I love how it’s coming together. I have also knitted up quite a few hats using a brilliant pattern. They come together so beautifully and have the perfect slouch to them. I think all the kids in my circle will be getting them for Christmas this year.


Couch snuggles with my girls

We’ve all had a pretty crappy July with illness knocking us down more than I would like. Poor Willow has had a major sinus infection and an ear infection this winter and it’s heartbreaking when they’re sick. The only good thing to come of it is having extra couch time snuggled up with Willow and a kitty cat while we watch Disney movies. Sing is very popular in our house at the moment.


On the health front, all of us have spent our fair share in bed with tea feeling sorry for ourselves

Le Creuset Coffee Mugs as big as my head

I tragically broke one of my favourite Le Creuset mugs early in the month and it just had to be replaced. Now I have a quirky collection of different colours and they just make me so happy. I love drinking a steaming cup of tea out of my mugs. I’m particularly partial to the Rosemary one though, it’s the perfect shade of green.

Mini home makeovers

We’ve had a little mini makeover of our downstairs living space and I’m thrilled with the results. It all started with a new kettle and toaster and spread to new dining chairs, nook stools and a snazzy plant stand which A made for me. It has all come together so beautifully. It looks even better when it’s clean and tidy, but I have a toddler, two cats and a husband. I can get my house clean for literally two seconds every week. I make sure to soak it all up when that happens!


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