Willow at 2 and a half years


Willow was a flower girl in my friend’s wedding

I hadn’t really intended on doing another post until the little raggamuffin turns three, but I feel like so much has been going on lately that it warrants an update.


Just your typical Saturday morning mayhem


The first thing is that Willow talks up a storm. She speaks in sentences, makes perfect sense and clearly makes herself understood. Don’t get me wrong. There are still moments when she says something to me and I look at her with a bit of a blank stare because I have no clue what she wants. But those moments are becoming less and less these days.


The last pic I have of Willow pre-haircut. Willow loves to play dress up


She loves music. She is a big fan of Disney movies, especially Moana and Frozen. Her favourite songs are ‘You’re Welcome’ and ‘Let it Go’. Willow will often demand they be played about a hundred times a day and that’s no exaggeration. She also spontaneously sings them while going about her business. Generally, she’s happy with any music and will come up and ask me to put something on so she can dance and sing. It’s the cutest this ever. She is singing her own made up songs more and more.


She often asks me if she can go shopping

On the go

She is also an incredibly busy soul. She’s on the go constantly from the moment she wakes up to the time she goes to bed. We are seeing more and more ‘toddler’ like moments where she will refuse to bath or resist a sleep time. But on the whole, she is a very happy, go-with-the-flow person. She loves to build towers, do puzzles and go shopping.


She has a keen sense of self and will make her needs known very effectively. She likes to choose her own items to dress in and at the very least has firm opinions on shoes and accessories


She does have an independent streak a mile wide. She likes to do things her way in her time. I have become very good at picking my battles. Some things are not worth fighting over, but when we draw a line in the sand then we need all our wits about us to stick to our guns.


She likes to know when something belongs to her. She refers to herself as Lillow, Mine and Me. She uses me correctly as well, which I find fascinating

Separation Anxiety

She is going through a major mommy phase. She will have a meltdown every night because she doesn’t want A to do bedtime, or give her a kiss or cuddle. It has gotten particularly bad since we went overseas and can be exhausting at times. We’re trying to have more alone time with her and A to try and bring some balance to the force. Cuddles, in general, have become rare things. I feel very blessed when I get one. She doesn’t like to be kissed but can dole out kisses with heart-melting sweetness. The other day she thought the skirt I was wearing was pretty and gave it a kiss.



In terms of sleeping, we have been blessed. We had a period there when we got back from overseas, where she wasn’t sleeping well. I was already jet lagged and Willow was waking up two sometimes three times a night for two weeks. It was a lot to handle. But we fell back on our sleep training techniques and we’ve settled down to a great routine. She’s done with bath and in her PJs by 7pm, ready for stories. Lights out is usually at 7.30pm and she only wakes up at 7.30 the next morning, although recently she has been waking up earlier and coming into our room for cuddles and cartoons. She still naps during the day for about two hours. I have to be careful to not let her sleep past 2.30pm though, otherwise getting her down for the night is hard.


This is such an accurate depiction of our life. The house is a mess, the photo is blurry, but the toddler is happy and so am I


Eating is also great. Her teachers have remarked on her healthy appetite. She still loves broccoli, courgettes, peas, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, banana, cheese and more. We’ve recently discovered she is a huge fan of sauteed cabbage. She also really, really, really loves eggs and will ask for them all the time. She’s big into chicken and yogurt. She eats a well-rounded diet most days. She still doesn’t like orange vegetables though, but I’m persisting with them. I keep offering. Hopefully, it will take. And at the moment she is always asking for sweets, which has been tricky to navigate.


She has a great sense of adventure but is still very cautious to start off with. She doesn’t rush into things, but takes her time and observes until she is comfortable.

So that’s where we are now. We do have temper tantrums and other toddler specific issues, usually when she’s tired or hungry. But so far so good. I would say we’re managing ‘the terrible twos’ pretty well.



One thought on “Willow at 2 and a half years

  1. thenewmrsm2016 says:

    What a little cutie! I miss that age so much but now my little one is 7 life is even more fun! Enjoy the sudden burst of independence they get at that age, it doesn’t seem to have ever left mine! Although there are so many things I still wish she said wrong because it was cute!

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