Things that made me happy in June

My garden – We did our seasonal cleanup and planting session. The garden always looks its best after we get stuck into it. We removed a lot of the spent flowers and just neatened things up a bit and then planted some summer colour. It is looking really great right now and I enjoy sitting out on the balcony, soaking up some sun and enjoying a cup of tea.


This was the gown I made for Willow. I have a full post on it coming

Learning to sew – I attacked this with vigour this month and I’m so proud of everything I have made. So far I have made a pair of pyjama pants, a gown for Willow, a skirt for myself and I have another pair of pants which I plant o whip up soon. I am full of plans for what I want to make next and I have to say that I really enjoy it.


The last pic I have of Willow pre-haircut. She adores her Snow White outfit

Disney dance parties – Willow is a huge fan of Moana and Frozen. She wants to watch them constantly, but I can distract her from the TV screen by outing the soundtracks on and having a dance party with her. Watch her spin, dance and sing along is the cutest thing ever!


This is such an acurate depiction of our life. The house is a mess, the photo is blurry, but the toddler is happy and so am I

Conversations with my two-year-old – Willow’s progressed so much in learning to talk. We now get short sentences that make total sense more often than now (I still have moments when I have no clue what she’s trying to tell me, but they occur less and less). These days we have actual conversations where she tells me all sorts of things. She also reads A and me books in the evenings. I love it.


Winter soups and stews – One of the few things I enjoy about winter is soups and stews. I have been making a lot of them lately. It’s so nice to sit in the warm toasty kitchen and eat soup. Willow is also a big fan.


My little vacuum. I love him so much

Taurus Hex Vacuum – A bought this for me after hearing me complain endlessly about needing to bring out the big vacuum just to tidy up the kitchen. Now Jarvis (that’s its name) does all that for me. I use him between the days I do the big vacuum just to keep everything in order and works like a bomb.  Total game changer.


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