Friday Favourites: June 30


My favourite Le Creuset mug recently left us for the giant cup of tea in the sky… It will be missed

Ever feel like your week is stuck in really thick mud and no matter how hard you work things just never get done? That was my week. It was tough on an emotional level and I feel drained.

I have been really struggling in terms of productivity lately. I have been having a hard time picking up some momentum this month and getting myself going. I decided to clean our kitchen/dining area on Tuesday and I worked the whole afternoon and feel like I just moved the mess from the kitchen table to the dining table.

I smashed my favourite mug; my pile of things to get through just never seemed to get any less. I feel like this whole week needs a do over.


Willow is very into dress up at the moment

I think the whole mood was the result of one very personal conversation that just left me reeling a bit. I have been struggling to come to terms with it in my head. I know there is no sense in obsessing over things, but I feel this will take me a while to work through.

I did manage to end the week on a high note though. With a clean home, some healthy meals and a great big pile of knitting I’m looking forward to a restful weekend. A has said we can do a DIY project I’ve been dying to try. So I’m really looking forward to that.

Hope you have a great weekend. Chat soon xx


Purchase of the week: I bought some really great wooden circular needles for a little hat I’m putting together for Willow Bug. This is my current ‘couch’ project and I think it will come together beautifully. I love bamboo needles and prefer them over metal or plastic. You get less slip so you have less chance of dropping stitches.


Product of the week: I have been struggling with ants, aphids and scale on a few of my plants and nothing I spray on them has helped. Then I read about using essential oils in the garden to get rid of pests naturally. I quickly whipped up a batch and applied it to everything. So far so good. It definitely looks to be more effective than the malasol I hate using.


Project of the week: I have been industriously working away on my scrap jersey and I’m delighted with how it’s coming together. The pattern in from and it’s design to use up left over DK wool. Basically you work in the stripe pattern, using whatever colours you have lying around. It is looking too cool and is coming together so quickly. It’s a lot of fun as well and very simple, so you don’t need crazy skills to achieve it.


I also made another scarf on the weekend, using up two more balls of wool. Yay me!

Random: As I mentioned I’ve got some personal stuff I am working through. I am not one to dwell on regrets. But every now and then something happens to shift my perspective on things and it takes a while for my world to right itself. It has left me feeling very off balance emotionally. This year has been full of challenges on a personal level so far and while I feel I’m growing as a person it is not without growing pains. It just goes to show that I am still very much a work in progress.


ready for school picture day!

Best moment: I was getting Willow dressed on Thursday morning and told her that she was having pictures taken at school that day. She then insisted that she put on a little lipstick and admired herself in the mirror telling me how pretty she looked. When I got dressed she decided my skirt was very pretty and needed a kiss. Cue the heart explosions.


Off on a walk at my parents’ house

Looking forward to: Making a plant stand! We have a litter box in the corner of our dining room and it has really started to bug me. Unfortunately, there is nowhere else for it to go. So I have asked A to help me make a plant stand out of copper pipes so that we can disguise it a little bit. I have seen these floating around Pinterest a lot lately ad I really want one in our home. I’ve also asked him to help me make a clothing rail for Willow so we can hang up her growing collection of dress up clothes. I’m really excited to see how they turn out.


Communing with a ‘pretty mommy cow’ her words – it’s a very large bull btw…


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