My cleaning routine

I’m a very routine driven person, but I also get very lazy, especially when it comes to things I don’t like doing, such as housework.

I have been known to let the housework slide to disastrous levels, then get incredibly overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of the task involved in cleaning up.

But with age comes a little bit of wisdom (not much, but some.) and I have learned that by using my need for routine, I can overcome my laziness toward housework by a small degree. I implemented a cleaning schedule a few months ago and I am very pleased to say, that barring a few setbacks, I have stuck to it quite well.

I realized that by letting the housework pile up I was even less inclined to do it and I absolutely hated spending the majority of my day cleaning the house. These days I clean a little bit everyday and its working! Now my house will never be featured in Garden and Home, but it’s comfortable and I love it. I feel so much lighter when the space around me is under control. I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

If like me you struggle with the concept of being a domestic goddess, maybe a cleaning schedule is for you. I have tasks that need to be done daily, weekly tasks and special tasks (these include washing windows, dusting light fixtures, cleaning the oven, washing rugs etc.) The special tasks can be done when you have time to fit them in throughout the week, but the whole system is designed so that I shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes to an hour on housework a day.

This is what my cleaning routine looks like:

Daily tasks:

A load of laundry from start to finish (except the items that need to be ironed)

Unpack, load and run the dishwasher. Wash the dishes that need to be done by hand and put them away.

Wipe down the kitchen counters and dining room table

Take care of clutter immediately

Make the beds

Check the floors

Weekly tasks:

Monday – Bathrooms

Tuesday – Dust the whole house

Wednesday – Vacuum the whole house

Thursday – Mop the whole house

Friday – Ironing

Weekend – change the sheets, wash sheets and towels.


2 thoughts on “My cleaning routine

  1. Annette says:

    I use the Wunderlist app, keeps me organised! I’m the same as you, if I let all the housework build up then I’m really unmotivated to do it.

    • kierrynh says:

      Housework doesn’t come naturally to me. I really have to work at keeping on top of it. Small tasks make it much easier! Will definitely check out wunderlist

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