Stash busting

As I mentioned on Friday I have been knitting obsessed lately. I think it’s a combination of the cold and the drive to finish up some of the wool I’m hoarding.


I have been on a stash-busting mission and I’m incredibly proud of my efforts so far. My wool collection has been getting a little out of hand and something needed to be done. So I have taken the bull by the horns so to speak.

Over the weekend I used up one ball completely by making a really cute scarf for Willow. It was lovely variegated chunky wool in pinks and purples. So I knit it up simply using garter stitch, seamed it to make a snood and presto. A cute little scarf that I made quickly (it would have been done in about an hour, but because I had issues with how many stitches to cast on it took about two; still really good going.


I also finished a scarf for her that I have been making for ages. I had intended for it to be a long scarf infinity scarf that needs to be twisted once. But I got so bored of knitting it that when it was long enough to turn into a snood I cast off and seamed it up. It’s really cute and warm and Willow loves it.


I also finished up that ball of double knit to make a little hat to match. I found the pattern on Etsy and it’s adorable. It has a little flower and a stripe in a contrasting colour. It was relatively easy to knit and very quick. I made a few mistakes, but that’s the best way to learn. The next one will look even better.


I am still working away at the Pipet pattern I started ages ago. I have nearly finished the yoke and sleeves and will then be able to move onto the short rows. It’s been a real challenge and the pattern and wool are fiddly so I can only work on it when I can concentrate.


My stash busting jersey is looking all kinds of gorgeous. Plus it’s quick and so fun to make

I have started another project though. This one is specifically designed for stash busting. I’m basically using up all sorts of odds and ends to create a striped jersey. It’s incredibly fun and easy to knit and I’ve already gotten quite far. I love how it’s coming together! I’ve already used up some odd bits in the knit and it was thrilling.

I love how it feels to finish things. The older I get the more of a kick I get out of it. Now my feeling of elation has expanded beyond the pure joy of finishing a project to the joy of finishing a skein of wool.


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