Friday Favourites: June 23

Last week was so hectically productive that I’ve felt this week was slow and dragged on a bit in comparison.

I just haven’t been able to build any momentum this week and felt behind the curve the entire time. Oh well, win some and lose some I guess.


When it’s cold just wear your blanket!

We had a wonderful long weekend here in South Africa and let me tell you, it was needed. I love productive weekends and this one checked all the boxes. I finished a few projects, indulged my creative side, went shopping with Willow, saw our friends, celebrated father’s day at home with A and got some housework done in amongst all of it. I even baked. Weekend winning.


My stash busting jersey is looking all kinds of gorgeous. Plus it’s quick and so fun to make

I hope you all have a great weekend! Chat soon! xx


Product of the week: I have been working through a stash of face masks and this Innisfree Fresh Squeeze Blackberry Face Mask one blew me away. It was such a joy to use and the effects on my skin lasted well into the week. I love it and need to get more asap!

Purchase of the week: A bought us a new kettle/toaster combo. They are gorgeous little numbers from Bosch and I feel so posh using them. They are all brushed aluminum and black and look so pretty on the counter. We’ve had our old ones for years and they were looking very tired. It was a Mother’s Day/ Father’s day spoil.

Random: I got so many things finished this weekend I’m almost high on it! It’s amazing how happy finishing something makes me feel. I just love the feeling of accomplishment and the fact that I can throw something away.


Project of the week: I finished three, yes, three projects the weekend! Granted they were all really simple. But the point is they’re done. I made two scarves for Willow and another arm knit scarf I was commissioned to make. I used up a total of six balls of wool! Gives self a high five! I’m working on a stash busting jersey that is starting to look too gorgeous for words! I’m also still working on my Pipetjeresy which is coming together nicely. I’m a little knitting obsessed right now.

Best moment: Willow has been so playful and talkative lately. It’s so cute. But my absolute best is when she sings along to Disney songs. Her two favourite movies are Frozen and Moana and she’s working incredibly hard on learning all the words to the songs. It blows my mind a little bit. She sings the opening to How Far I’ll go almost perfectly and the way she says ‘Water’ makes my heart melt every time!

Looking forward to: There are quite a few exciting things on the horizon. We have trips to visit both of our parents coming up, A’s mom and Aunt are popping round for a short visit, my friends are moving to a lovely new place and more. I’m quite excited for the next few weeks.



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