May 2017 empties

Not such a big cache of empties this month. I am pretty close to finishing up a whole stash of products, but they’re just not there yet.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze – I swear they’ve changed the formula on this. I like it as a tan top up or just for that little bit of glow during the dreary winter months. On my pale skin if gives a very natural looking tan which lasts about four days to a week. It doesn’t cost much, I just wish it had a guide colour as you can miss areas when applying it. Make sure to wash your hands after application.


L’Oreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum – I’ve lost count of how many bottles of this I have used up. I use it every morning as part of my skincare routine and I love the look it gives my skin – very plump, healthy and fresh. It sits well under makeup and that’s all I have to say really. I have a new bottle on the go now.

Justine Baby Botanicals Baby Oil – This is our moisturiser of choice in the winter for Miss Willow. The smell is divine and it’s now something I associate with little babies. It always leaves her feeling soft and it soaks in like a charm – no sticky or slippy residue. I have used countless bottles and have just cracked open a new one. Love it.



SNP Sheet Mask – This was one of my beauty purchases while I was in Hong Kong. It’s very hydrating and absolutely saturated with serum. It was so soaked that I could feel the serum dripping a bit while I had it on and the mask kept slipping – I don’t know if it was designed for my giant Caucasian head. It’s one of those fun ones which makes you look like an animal while wearing it, in this case, an otter. It left my skin feeling really hydrated and plump. I had zero bad reactions to it and my skin looked lovely for days afterwards. I wish I had bought more.


Colab Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo in New York – I took a travel size bottle of this with me to Asia and it stood me in such great stead. It gives my hair crazy volume and works so well as a texturizing spray. If you’re looking for something to give your hair a little oomph then give this one a go.


L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist – This is a lovely, affordable makeup setting spray that really works. I use this everyday to set my makeup and it helps things stay in place and fresh-looking all day. It also has a great spray. Just be sure to mix it up really well. I’ve just finished my third bottle and have recently popped open a new one.


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