Sewing project: pyjama pants

One of the things very high on my list of things to learn this year was sewing. I have intended learning for years, but have always found it to be incredibly intimidating.

My parents bought me a sewing machine for Christmas a while ago and I’ve used it a handful of times, but never on my own. I always had visions of sewing my fingers, which put me off in a big way.

This past weekend, I finally bit the bullet. My mom and I headed off to Chamdor Fabrics, bought a couple of patterns, bought some fabrics and got our act together for a few projects. First up was a pair of flannel pyjama pants for me.

I felt like PJs were safe because if I royally screwed up, no one would see. Turns out I’m not as bad at this as I thought I’d be.

My mom had a huge hand in helping to figure out the pattern and cut the fabric. But I did a fair amount of cutting myself and didn’t do too bad a job. I did mess up a bit on the cutting, but not so much so that we weren’t able to complete the project. You live and learn.

The actual sewing turned out to be the easiest part. I’m really proud of how these turned out. The owls on the front are upside down, a result of how I cut the pattern out, but I really don’t mind. They’re super soft, really comfy and have pockets! I now feel all pyjama pants should come with pockets. I’m going to use the leftover fabric to cut Willow some pants too.

I’ll take more photos for the process next time


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