Adventures in Adult Braces: May 2017


Another orthodontist appointment has come and gone.

It has been quite a while since my last one due to all the public holidays we have here in April. But I must be honest I wasn’t expecting too much in the way of good news this time around.


I was a little bit lax in wearing my elastics while we were away. There was so much delicious food to be eaten and the elastics just get in the way! They’re a pretty effective weight loss tool from that perspective because I find them such a faf to take out when I want to eat something, that I generally by pass little snack and stick to standard meals.


Anyway, I was not as good about wearing them as I should have been, the tiny little gap next to my right incisor hasn’t closed up yet and no gaps have opened up on the other side of my mouth. I did notice in the days leading up to my appointment that my midline is almost in the right place now. But a tooth in my lower jaw is out of position and I think that’s skewing the results at the moment.


Anyway, enough babble, onto the appointment. My Orthodontist was actually really happy with the way things look. He even praised me for my dedication to wearing my elastics. I chickened out on asking him when they will be coming out again. I just don’t want to set myself up for disappointment.


This session he really took notice of the tooth that is out of position and focus in on putting it in the right place. The technician gave me a heavier gauge wire and wrapped a wire around the bracket that will help pull it right.


That was an incredibly uncomfortable experience. She had to push on the tooth while she did it and I won’t lie, it hurt like the dickens. My Dr made a note to check it next month. I’m pretty sure its all in my head, but the tooth feels a little straighter to me. I have always felt like it was quite pronounced and often worry it with my tongue when I’m bored. But today it feels like it doesn’t stick out as much as before. I’m not sure if i’m imagining it or if it really has moved a little already.


In terms of the rest of the teeth, we are continuing to pull them into place, but now the worry is that they will splay outward due to the pressure. So I have had wire wrapped around the brackets on the teeth we have already moved to keep them in place. Again, that was not comfortable and the pressure on my mouth feels quite intense right now. The clear chain elastics were also put back on along the front of my teeth to continue the work of pulling everything along.


I no longer have to wear the elastic across the front of my mouth! That makes me so happy. Instead, I have got an intricate configuration on each side that I have to wear day and night. I won’t even try to explain what they’re doing because I don’t really understand their purpose myself.


This session has left me feeling very sore and tender. I have almost zero downward force when I bite down at the moment. Normally it’s my front teeth that are the problem, but my molars have been in full working order. This time my molars are under a lot of pressure and feel very sore. So eating is a bit of a problem. I’m taking pain killers when needed so I can at least get something in my system.


It is my fervent hope that the increased level of torture I am going through means that we’re reaching the end very soon. I was asked to come back in four weeks instead of my usual six-week wait between appointments. Hopefully, then I will have good new to report


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Adult Braces: May 2017

  1. thenewmrsm2016 says:

    Wow it sounds like things are moving along nicely for you! A lot of work but this can only be a good thing, I haven’t had to deal with elastics myself yet but I’m sure I will do at one point. Keep up the positive attitude and the torture will be worth it! That’s what everyone keeps telling me anyway;-)

    • kierrynh says:

      I keep telling myself that too! The great thing about being an adult with braces is that you really understand the consequences of not following your treatment to the letter. My Dr is really impressed with the progress and it’s due to me doing what I’m told. The wisdom of age and having done this before! And the fervent desire to never go through it again!

      • thenewmrsm2016 says:

        I know the feeling, mine is really pleased with how much I’ve been cleaning because I am on it 3 times a day for 3 minutes a time it’s a drag but will be worth it!

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