Willow: the night time yo-yo

Willow has been an exhausting combination of adorable and unbearably clingy these past two weeks. I haven’t slept through the night since we got home. Sunday night was particularly trying as she decided to play night time yo-yo from about 1.30 to 4ish.

She has figured out that she can climb out of her bed in the middle of the night. And in true toddler fashion, comes up with all sorts of creative excuses as to why she can’t go to sleep again. First she’s thirsty, then she hungry, then she needs a new nappy, then she wants a song, then she needs a blanket, then she wants you to take the blanket away.

The evolution of her night time adventures was very cute. We could see the whole play out on the video monitor. At first she just got out of bed and stood at the door for ages, mustering up her courage. She reached up to the handle half a dozen times before finally opening the door.

At first she never actually crossed the threshold. But then the next night she repeated the exercise was repeated at our bedroom door. At 6am on Tuesday morning I was woken by soft knocking at my bedroom door.

Every time she comes out of bed I have to get up, take her back to bed, tuck her in again, sing her song, say good night and I love you, before leaving the room. This goes on multiple times before she is convinced that it is, indeed, time to go to sleep.

It has been a long time since I’ve turned to the internet for help and advice. I can deal with the temper tantrums, power plays, and stand offs. And to be honest most days are just wonderful and Willow is this bubbly, happy little girl who is so silly and lovable. But I must admit that this problem has thrown me for a loop. How do I get my child to go back to sleeping through the night? *wails*

I’m worried that in trying to fix this problem I’m creating another one that will need to be addressed down the line.

In the mean time, I’m more than a little sleep deprived and my patience and tolerance is not what it used to be. All I want is one night of unbroken sleep! Yes, I’m whining. I figured I was entitled to a little bit of self pity. Parenting is not for sissies, yoh!


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