Back to reality


Hello from a cold, dreary Johannesburg. We’re back from our tropical island getaway and I miss it so much already.

It was quite a shock to the system to land in Joburg on Saturday morning. We left Panglao in 35-degree heat, high humidity and sunshine to get to a Joburg that has already taken on that drab winter brown, the trees are already leafless and there is an edge to the air that cut right through our clothing. It made our getaway feel even further away than it was.

That said, I’m really happy to be home with my baby and my cats. We landed really early on Saturday morning, so we had time to go fetch the cats from the cattery, get home, start the laundry (bleugh!) and get settled in before Willow got home. It was really gratifying to see how excited she was to see us. She started shouting ‘Mommy, Daddy!!’ from the gatehouse and we could hear her from inside the car.

My soul feels so full after our time away. It was such a special thing to go away with the whole family. We haven’t done that in years. I’m going to miss my sisters the most. The ability to say I’ll see you later, or meet you at breakfast is something that I don’t get to do anymore. I’m also really going to miss the incredible sunsets. At times I had to pinch myself and remind myself that it wasn’t a movie.

I’m going to have to divide my reminisces up into two posts because I just won’t get everything into one. Until then, we’re settling into normal life again. I was late dropping Willow off at school today and have a mountain of emails in my inbox to wade through. Nothing kills the holiday vibes as effectively as emails…



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