Things I want to remember, second edition

• An afternoon playing with my family on the beach and having to literally drag a squirming Willow back inside because it’s tool cold to play anymore.

• Sitting up with willow all night because she had an ear infection. It was a struggle, but knowing that being with me helped make her feel better is so precious. The bad times are just as important as the good times.

• The way my husband looks after us when we come home tired and sick from a weekend away. He even makes late night runs to the service station for chocolate. Bless him.

• Willow’s obsession with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has reached new heights. She won’t go to sleep until you’ve sung it at least three times and she calls you back into the room to sing it again.

• She has got a new favourite song that is climbing the ranks now: The wheels on the bus. She especially likes when you sing it in the car and her favourite verses are the wheels on the bus and the hooter on the bus. She holds her arm out and sings beep, beep, beep with you.

• The way she looks with her hair in pigtails and her little blonde fringe. It is utterly adorable.

• Her favourite game at the moment is to hold my face in both her hands and then I must growl go try ‘eat’ her neck. I get shrieks and giggles. She thinks it the funniest thing ever.

• How Willow says ‘Pleeeease, mommy’ when she wants something or is trying to wheedle you into doing something.

• The way she says ‘lo yo too” when you say goodnight in the evenings. And points at her head where you must kiss her.

• The way she shouts “tada!” when she has accomplished something she thinks is worthy of praise.

• The way she announces ‘finished!’ when she’s eaten all her food.

• The way I feel after a great new hair cut. It always makes me question why I didn’t go for it sooner. Ditto for getting my eyebrows shaped. #lazy

• The smell of Gardenia blossoms early in the morning when I open the door to the balcony for the cats.

• Nightly cuddles with Tango who follows me to bed every evening. He has to cuddle up to my shoulder with his paw touching me in some way.  He usually also spends the night asleep at my feet.


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