A long weekend in Cape Town


I had the best of intentions to sit and write this post yesterday, but I was a little (a lot broken) from the weekend.

It was such a fabulous time and I really enjoyed every moment.  But we managed to cram so much into such a short space of time. I’m amazed any of us were still standing at the end.


Willow and I left on Wednesday afternoon and it was quite a rush to get to the airport, get checked in and get ready to fly. I was incredibly proud of how well she managed on both of our flights. She’s turning into a real little travel pro! I have a few things that I consider travel essential and they really made quite a difference. I think I’ll write a whole post on that though.

We arrived at the airport and were met by the car seat rental people and my parents. We then had an hour long drive to get to our beach house in Kommetjie. The house and the beach were absolutely stunning. Of course, the first thing we did was leave my dad to cook dinner while we went straight to the beach to play. Willow needed to run around and work out all the excess energy she had built up on the plane.

Thursday morning we headed to the airport again to pick up my sister and my hired car. Willow had been complaining that morning about her ears and she had a low fever, so I took her past the clinic on our way home to get them looked out, just to be safe. She didn’t have signs of an infection, but her ears were very blocked so we got stuff to take care of that.

Thursday night was the Bachelorette party. We went into the main city for that. It was 50s themed and we started the night at the Zenith Sky Bar at the Cape Royale for cocktails before moving onto Beefcakes (a drag bar) for dinner and a show. It was a whole lot of fun and all the girls had a fabulous time. The show was out of this world as well.


Friday was our only free day. I managed to arrange a catch-up session with a close friend and was able to go and see A’s cousins and their brand new baby. Willow stayed in Komemtjie with her granny and aunties. They had a fantastic time playing on the beach and my sister got the most incredible photos! After I was done visiting I was able to join in for a few minutes of play as well.

Then Saturday came around. The whole point of us going and it well lived up to expectations. Poor Willow struggled a lot with her ears again in the night, so we didn’t get much sleep. But we were so loaded on caffeine, adrenaline and excitement that it didn’t seem to matter. We had an early start at with the bride at her house. We all got pampered and made up by the hair and makeup team. The girls all looked beautiful.

The wedding was really beautiful. They got married on a wine farm in Constantia. The setting was lovely, the bride looked stunning, and the sermon and vows brought a tear to everyone’s eye. Then we had such a party. It was so nice to be there with my whole family and we really played it up a bit. I think we may have been a bit out of hand on the dance floor. I drank tequila with two lovely Mexican girls, sang Bohemian Rhapsody with an English Choir Master, met and had a conversation with a girl called Jessica Wakefield (if you read the Sweet Valley books then you’ll know how exciting this was!) and a whole host of other fun activities. All in all, it was the best weekend.


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