Wedding vibes


We have just returned home from the most fabulous weekend away to celebrate the marriage of two of our best friends.

It was the most fabulous wedding and I’m so full of love, happiness and memories from seeing how overjoyed they were.

I was privileged to have been Maid of Honour at the proceedings and did the girl’s hair and makeup. From the start, everything was just so relaxed and we were all so filled with excitement. Getting ready was so much fun with free-flowing champagne (I had to keep it to a minimum though because I was ill and, you know, skew eyeliner is the end of the world!) and food. We laughed, we listened to music, we just generally had a great time.

Then came the actual wedding. My friend was just so excited to walk down the aisle! The minister gave a lovely service and then they got hitched and it was everything we’ve been imagining and planning for this past year! So happy for the two of them!!!!

In short, the venue looked amazing, the love was everywhere and the party that followed didn’t slow down until the wee hours of the morning. So much fun!

I have a few photos to share, I can’t wait to see the ones the photographer took!




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