Friday Favourites: April 7


I have missed a few blogging days recently due to being ill. I have had a wonderful throat and ear infection. It’s been fun (note the sarcasm).

Thankfully I’m on the road to recovery at last. And just in time too, because tomorrow one of my best friends is getting married! We have been talking about and planning this day for a year and it’s finally here. It feels a little surreal.

We have been talking about and planning this day for a year and it’s finally here. It feels a little surreal. We have been getting all sorts of fun updates from her while they get everything all set up.


My poor, sweet girl was so sick last week. She needed lots of cuddles and Foxtrot was always happy to deliver

This week has been quite frustrating because there is a lot that I needed to get checked off the to-do list. I don’t weather being sick very well, I get so bored. I struggle with the whole lying down and doing nothing situation. So in between naps I have been hard at work. I have taken Willow’s dress in, cleaned the house, changed the sheets and towels (ready for the guests staying in our house), done tonnes of laundry, packed up all the stuff we need to take. A has had his final suit fitting and his suit is now in his possession.

We’ll be driving up to the wedding venue this afternoon. I’m still feeling quite tender from my cold, but I’m hopeful I will be good to go. I’m not missing out on this event, that’s for sure!


Willow has been making sure I get lots of cuddles while I’m sick. She brings me tissues, points at me and says ‘mommy sick!” and saus “ble ooo!” when I sneeze. Foxtrot has been my constant companion these last few days

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Chat soon xx



My new baby! I’m getting really excited for our overseas trip now

Purchase of the week: A bought me this incredible Lipault bag for all the travels we have coming up in April. It is the perfect size for carry on and will hold all of my stuff. I’m really starting to get excited now.

Products of the week: This week I have been living odd of Myprodol, Corenza C and hopes and dreams. I don’t think I will have made it through unmedicated.

Random: Why is everything worse when you’re sick? Mild annoyances, my braces, stuff that normally wouldn’t bother me have brought me to breaking point multiple times this week. I’ve been really irritable. My poor family.


Willow’s favourite toy for some poolside time? Her books. She is so much child!

Best moment: Willow put on the most adorable show for us the other night. She used my dad’s crutch as a microphone and sang songs for ages. She then insisted we all use the salt and pepper grinders as out microphones. She loves Bob Marley’s Jammin’ and sings “jamming” over and over again. It’s so sweet.

Looking forward to: 1.) not being sick anymore. 2.) celebrating my friend’s special day with her. I am so amped for this wedding. So exciting!


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