Sick moms and the never ending to do list

Urgh! As if this first part of the year hasn’t been stressful enough, I am now sick as a dog.

Truth be told I have felt this cold coming on for awhile and have been valiantly fighting it off. But after looking after a very sick Willow last week, my immune system has decided to pack it in. As I sit here my throat feels like it’s on fire, my nose is pouring, I want to sleep for a hundred years and I’m just generally miserable.

This could not have come at a worse time. Not only am I am attending a wedding on Saturday as a bridesmaid, but I am also doing the hair and make up for the event. Oh, and I have no voice…and I’m giving a speech, which I have not practised.  And my house is an absolute mess and we’re having guests on Friday. Aaaaargh!!!

Then I have three days to get my work in order before I head off to Cape Town for another wedding. I am a bridesmaid in this one too, and we have a whole lot of activities planned in the days leading up to the wedding.

Finally, the week after that we are heading to Hong Kong and I definitely don’t need to be sick and sit in an airoplane for hours breathing in recycled air and being surrounded by germs.

I feel like my to do list is growing by the second and I have not checked anything off. This is not helping the healing situation.

The long and the short of it is I am currently accepting submissions for all home remedies and cold cures that will kick this bug’s butt and leave me feeling healthy and not like road kill. Send help!


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