Adventures in Adult Braces: March

Nothing marks how quickly a month has flown by, then another visit to the orthodontist.

Last month I felt like nothing happened, well after the torture, I endured at my last appointment there was definitely movement in my teeth this month and it’s visible to the naked eye.

My appointment was very quick, though not painless, and my orthodontist was very happy with my progress. Still no word on how much longer the treatment will be, but since we are nor making small changes to my mouth I’m guessing that we’re nearing the finish line. I hope to get more information on where that line may be at my next appointment.

I get to wear my very fancy anterior elastic which is an incredibly sexy look again for another seven weeks, through two weddings. Yay. So, photoshop may be in order. I’m just whinging, it’s not that bad, more of an annoyance really. I still have my elastic in the back of my mouth too. Also, the ones they’ve given me to wear are even tighter than the previous ones. So there is a lot of pressure going on in my mouth right now.

What changed this month? I have a really huge steel wire (my previous wires were titanium-nickel). It feels positively gigantic in my mouth and it is not flexible at all. My teeth feel so stiff if that makes sense. The little doughnut spacers have also been extended from the collar on my right side all the way across the front of my teeth to help keep things in line when the movement happens. I came straight home to take a pain pill post appointment.

My orthodontist finds new and creative ways to torture me every month. I think he’s a secret saddist 😉 (he’s actually a lovely man). I’m always left in a bit of pain for a few days. Last month was particularly gruelling. and while this month wasn’t as bad, I’m still feeling a little sorry for myself.

So I go back after we get back from overseas in May. Hopefully, by then, I will find out when the treatment will end.


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