Sick children, mom guilt and the weekend that was

This weekend I was up to my eyeballs dealing with a very sick little one.

Poor Willow has been struck down by a mystery illness and I have been struck down trying to figure out what the hell to do to make her feel better.

It all started on Friday when I received a call from the school saying she was vomiting and can I please come fetch her. When I got to school I could tell right away that she wasn’t well. She didn’t greet me with her usual exuberance and when I picked her up she lay her head on my should and clung. I managed to get her to see the doctor, but not before I had to so a complete toddler and mom outfit change as well as change the sheets on my bed after she was sick again. The

The doctor diagnosed her with a viral tummy bug and we had to just ride it out, treating her symptomatically. She seemed to bounce back really well on Saturday and I was able to attend my friend’s bachelorette party.

Then on Sunday she woke up with a fever, was listless and refused to eat. The fever got worse during the day and by 10pm she was at 39.5 degrees. We had to put her into a cool bath in the middle of the night to try and bring it down.

The fever raged all through Monday again and I had to take her to the doctor again. She was put on antibiotics, which look to be helping, although now I have the added battle of trying to get her to take her medicine twice a day.

I hate seeing her so sick. Nothing is worse than not being able to make her feel better. All I could do was hold her close while she shook and shivered from fever. My mom guilt was at an all time high yesterday! I hated that nothing I did was helping. I couldn’t convince her to eat, she was whimpering and crying and it was awful.

Thank goodness the fever is gone now. She’s still not eating though and that really worries me. I’m trying not to push her, my cajoling is met with furious screams and tears. I have to trust that she will eat when she’s hungry.

Even though she’s still not her usual self, but I’m hopeful that she will bounce back quickly now that we seem to have turned that corner.


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