Friday Favourites: March 24



A vertical garden outside Jackson’s Real Food Market in Bryanston


I have been feeling a weird combination of rushed off my feet and cool, calm and collected this week. And I think

I think it’s because all the things we’ve been planning for over the past year are finally coming together. It’s so exciting!

We spent the weekend with A’s family as his sister was visiting from Australia. It was the first time she’s met Willow and it was lovely to catch up. We were also lucky to see rhino and elephant as well as monkeys (to Willow’s delight) and warthog.



This view never gets old


Then the week was spent getting ready for my friend’s bridal shower! We have been planning it for a while now and I’m excited that the time is finally here. It was also such a great feeling to start ticking things off the to-do list. I got a head start and was able to get a lot done early in the week.

Tomorrow we will do the final set up and enjoy drinking tonnes of mimosas, playing games and having a great time.



Willow trying on her flower girl outfit. I bought it so long ago I need to make sure everything fits. Looks like I still need to take the dress in! #skinnychild


Also, in case you missed it on Wednesday, I got my hair cut! I went quite short and I adore it. It’s taken some getting used to. I’m still learning how to style it to my liking. But I’m definitely enjoying the change. Sometimes we need to leap out of our comfort zones a little.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Chat soon xx



I have fallen back in love with this stuff


Product of the week: My L’Oreal Everstrong Mineral Sea Salt Texture Spray has really come into its own since I cut my hair. After I was and blow dry my hair I spray a liberal amount of this stuff into it to give me some grit, pieciness and hold. It gives me a really cool effect while still letting my hair have movement and play. It’s really great stuff.



I never thought I’d like a choker, but this one is really cute


Purchase of the week: I found this lovely necklace at Woolworths I’ve been wearing it on repeat. It’s sparking a love of all things choker in me. Up until now, I wasn’t the biggest fan or the trend, especially the really thick chunky ones. But I love how delicate this is and I love that it is layered, which I feel gives it a lot more interest. I also love the little bit of edginess it gives to an outfit. Also, it’s gold. I love all things gold right now.

Project of the week: I did two projects for my friend’s shower. I will do a post on them next week as I don’t want to ruin the surprise. But I’m really happy with how they turned out!



More short hair photos, because I can. Next up on the self improvement list: get my eyebrows sorted….


Random: It’s amazing how much weight has been lifted from me, both literally and figuratively with just one haircut. We attached a lot of emotional baggage to our hair (or at least it seems that I do) and having that cut away was quite a relief.

Best moment: It’s a tie between cutting my hair, A getting some great news about work and Willow singing along to Bob Marley’s Jamming during the car ride on the way home from our weekend away. It’s been a good week

Looking forward to: Enjoying some friend time at the bridal shower this weekend. Although I never need a reason to drink champagne with my besties.


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