Friday Favourites: March 17


My gorgeous ‘rose’ succulents are growing in number. These look so amazing when they take over a pot. I’m excited

I was incredibly honoured when I was asked by my friend to do her makeup on her wedding day.

But I won’t lie I was more than a little nervous as well. I mean, bridal makeup is a big deal! So I have been on a crazy Youtube tutorial binge watching mission and have collected the best bridal looks and watched the videos over and over again.

On the weekend we arranged to do a hair and makeup trial. I had a rough idea of where I wanted to go with the makeup look, but also wanted to experiment a little bit and see what would happen organically.


Makeup, snacks and champane. The perfect way to spend a Sunday 😉

I highly recommend doing something like this if you plan on doing your own makeup for your big day. We took a lot of photos of the make up with and without flash – I wanted to see if the makeup got washed out in the photographs and also wanted to make sure we weren’t getting flash back from the products. It’s a good thing we did, the powder we were using was giving a lot of flashback. So I now know to replace it.

We also now have a good idea of how long it will take to get the three of us ready in time, what products I need to buy before the wedding date and I can streamline what I pack a lot, based on which products we used for the different make up. I have taken extensive notes so I know exactly what needs to go along with us. I feel a lot better about everything now.


My sweet girl is so full of sass and personality. Love her

Now that all the nitty gritty is out of the way, can I just say that I am so happy with how the hair and makeup turned out! Gail looked so beautiful. The hair was soft and romantic and exactly what I was going for. On the day I need to get her a lot more volume and more face framing pieces, but the general hairstyle is perfect. She brought her dress along with her and we were able to see the whole thing together. It looked amazing!

I went very glam for Tracey and I think I will tone it down just a bit on the day. But I was very pleased with how she looked when I had finished her makeup. She also put her dress on for the full effect and it looked awesome. Yay! I feel a lot calmer about it all now.

I hope you call have a great weekend. We’re off to see A’s parents and his sister who is here from Australia. Chat soon xx!


My awesome new checked shirt from Mr Price. So happy I spotted this!

Purchase of the week: This gorgeous red buffalo check shirt from Mr Price is going to get tons of wear this autumn. I adore it. It’s not flannel but the cotton feels really soft and cosy.


Morgan Taylor Enchanted Patina

Product of the week:  Morgan Taylor’s Enchanted Patina nail polish from the Beauty and the Beast collection has been such a pleasant surprise. I bought the miniature collection (such value for money) and I thought this was the one I would like the least, but it has really surprised me. It is such a pretty, soft, beigey-pink gold with so much shine. It goes on like a dream – zero streakiness – and it builds from a sheer wash to quite an opaque finish. So pretty!


Foxtrot cuddled up in her nest at the back of the couch. This is her favourite sleeping spot

Random: It’s amazing how much calmer I feel when I have a plan in place. The more detailed the plan, the more peace of mind I have. My list for the makeup I need to take to the wedding is incredibly detailed, I have a full blown plan of attack in my head and I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.


Book: Royally Matched by Emma Chase is such a cute, fun, enjoyable read. I loved it. Did I gush about its big brother, Royally Screwed? If I didn’t I should have. It was just a beautiful and I devoured both of these books in about two days (as a notoriously slow reader that’s saying something). If you haven’t read anything by Emma Chase yet try get your hands on a few of her books. You won’t be able to stop at just one. And if you’re going to start, start with these!


Best moment: This whole week with Willow has been amazing. She is at such a great age now where she is silly and playful. She has a wonderful sense of humour and our house if full of giggles and laughter. It’s the best!

Looking forward to: a brief escape from Joburg. We’re headed to the Lowveld for the weekend


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