Willow’s Autumn/Winter capsule wardrobe

I have been getting Willow’s autumn/winter capsule wardrobe in order and I am happy to say that she is now ready for the upcoming season. And not a moment too soon as they cold weather is starting to move in.

I found dressing her last year was a little tricky as I wanted her to be warm, yet still comfy and able to play. I learned a lot about dressing a little one for cold weather and applied a lot of what it to her wardrobe this year.

We bought most of her clothes in the end of season sales last year. This is a great way to save at places like Naartjie and Earth Child. I love Naartjies leggings and find that they fit Willow the best. They are always a good length for her. I also really like their sneakers. Earth Child’s basic tees are a winner. They are so soft and comfy, yet really warm to wear. I find their leggings are always really tight on Willow and she outgrows them so quickly!

I supplement her wardrobe with fun items from Pick n Pay, H&M and Woolworths for a bit of variety. I love Woolies PJs and tracksuits. Their tracksuits are made from brushed cotton and are always so cosy and soft. I don’t have any in this post because they’re not in stores yet. I tend to dress Willow in leggings from day to day, but I love tracksuits for those really cold days. Si I still need to pick some up.

And in my mind you can’t go wrong with H&M Socks. These are soft, warm and most importantly, stay on! I don’t know what it is about my child’s feet but socks never stay on her, they are always slipping down. The socks from H&M are magic.

This year her colour scheme has turned out to be shades of purple and grey with a hint of raspberry and cream thrown in. I love how it’s turned out (and completely by accident because I didn’t do any planning whatsoever!). I have items that will work well for now as we transition into cooler winter as well as layers for the cold months.

When I audited her clothes box, I found that I needed to buy very few items. All she needed was a light weight jacket (which we have ordered and are just waiting to arrive, a second set of pajamas, some vests for layering and two pairs of tracksuit bottoms.

Here’s what she will be wearing this winter:






Pick n Pay

Sticky Fudge

Earth Child




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