Friday Favourites: March 3



This little guy is apparently an Oleander Hawk Moth. We found him at my parents’ house

This week was spent in a lot of pain. I had my braces adjusted on Tuesday and Holy Mother did my teeth hurt afterwards!

Let me be a cautionary tale to everyone who doesn’t wear their retainer. You do not want to go through this twice!!!

My new elastics set up means that I have been in significant pain right up until today. It’s been fun. I have also been trying to get back into a decent workout routine (which I mentioned briefly in my last post) so I have added stiff and sore to my ails. Oi vey. I never seem to learn.


A purple people eater! Willow now likes to choose her own clothes to wear and insists that hoods are pulled up

Aside from being a big baby and griping about my aches and pains, not being able to chew food properly and just generally feeling sorry for myself, I have felt a touch of a cold coming one. Wow, I’m full of sunshine today.

We had a wonderful weekend last weeknd with my parents and this weekend will be just me and Willow at home as A will be off at a bachelor’s party. I plan on lots of girly things like tidy up my cupboards with a hair mask and face mask. It’s along overdue task and I’m actually really looking forward to it!

I hope you all have a great weekend. Chat soon XX!


Product for the week: Myprodol! Could not have made it through this week without the help of these babies 😉


Excuse the mess behind me (this is one of the rooms I need to clean!) but these pants and this hoodie are everything!

Purchase of the week: I seem to have misplaced all my winter pajamas and my warm lounge where. I have searched this house flat and cannot find it anywhere. So in Pick n Pay the other day I saw the first of the winter stock is in and what do they have? comfy sweatpants and hoodies. So I got myself one of each. Now I’m not nearly so bothered by the cold. These are so gorgeously soft inside. I’m ridiculously happy with them. Also at R179 and R189 each they’re a bargain.


Dinner at Mezepoli at Nicolway in Bryanston. This meal was fantastic. It’s all Meze style, and so ridiculously tasty. We had artichokes, tapenade, grilled squid heads and some kind of feta dip I can’t remember the name of. Yum!

Best moment: We went to dinner at Mezepoli on Tuesday evening and it was all kinds of awesome. Great food, great company. What more could you want?

Random: Random: Two of my favourite UK vloggers, Lily Pebbles and Fleur de Force, are currently in SA and I find that I am constantly checking my Instagram feed to see if they’ve uploaded. I really hope they do a vlog on their travels here. You should really check out their channels.

Looking forward to: Getting the house under control, tidying up and then chilling on the couch with my girl. In real life I’m about a million years old



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