Adventures in Adult Braces: February

It was that time of the month again – another trip to the orthodontist.

This was not as dramatic as last time on all fronts. My Doctor is really happy with my progress, but we’ve gotten to that point in the treatment, like finishing a house, where change is not immediately evident to the untrained eye. Meaning I went into the appointment all sad and disheartened because nothing had happened, yet my doctor was really happy with what he saw. Which is a good thing.

All they did this month was change the gauge of my top wire, add a whole lot of really uncomfortable things to the right side of my mouth and give me a stop for my elastics that now stretch all the way across the front of my mouth. It’s the weirdest thing because I permanently have an elastic in front of my front teeth. I can’t lick my lips, speaking is a little odd and it pulls my jaw forward and makes it ache. I get to wear this fabulous elastic day and night for the next six weeks.

I didn’t pluck up the courage to ask if I will be having the braces removed anytime soon, but I’m not counting on it anyway. I have one of the last appointment before my Doctor goes away for easter and he will only be back after both of the weddings have passed. I will just have to get the photographers to photoshop my teeth.

However, before it gets all doom and gloom around here I can see that my teeth ar enow perfectly straight and I can feel how where I bite on my teeth is different. My doctor tells me that my midline has moved some, even if I can’t see it. So I’m happy with the progress and am looking forward to straight, aligned teeth in the next few months.


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