Friday Favourites: 24


Willow was fascinated by the moss growing on the paving after all the rain

This week has been wet and cold! I’m not talking oh this is chilly for summer, kind of cold. I’m talking this is a brisk winter’s day kind of cold.

It’s actually been a nice change of pace and I feel reinvigorated. I’ve been forced to dig into my cold weather clothing and it has been such a relief to be wearing a new wardrobe. I have been feeling stuck in a rut and uninspired by my summer clothes. Wearing a new wardrobe feels fresh and new. I was very ready for a change.


Willow would rather push her stroller than be pushed


When I arrived to fetch Willow from school on Monday, I was pulled aside by the teacher who told me that she had an incident. My immediate thought was that something was wrong with her, or that she had been insanely naughty. But no the incident happened to Willow.

One of her class mates bit her. Twice! I know toddlers were prone to this, but up until now I had never experienced it. She wasn’t bitten hard enough to break the skin, but it definitely left a mark that lasted for a few days. Willow apparently was trying to help this child eat his lunch and things escalated quickly.

Willow apparently was trying to help this child eat his lunch and things escalated quickly. They school will be having a conference with the culprit’s mother as apparently this is not the first time this has happened (not to my child). I really don’t know how you stop toddlers from biting. I with this mom luck!


Proof of Willow’s incident

We’re going to see my folks this weekend. It’s most likely be cold as heck in the mountains. But I’m really looking forward to it.

Chat soon! xx


Product for the week: I have recently started using this LA Girl brow pencil and I have to say I’m impressed. I think it’s meant to be a dupe for the Anastasia Brow Wizz as its a mechanical pencil with a fine point and a spooly on the end. I have quite thick brows that really only need a tiny bit of filling in and so far this has been great. It is a bit on the soft side so for some it may give off too much product. But so far I’ve really enjoyed using it.


Double masking craziness

Purchase of the week: The L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks have finally been launched in South Africa and I’m beyond excited. I have wanted to try these out for ages! I got the Glow and the Detox masks and so far so good. I’m in love with the Glow mask. I really did see a difference after using it. I didn’t suffer from breakouts and it didn’t aggravate any sensitivity.

Project of the week: Here are progress shots of my two projects. I have been working 5 rows of each every night and this strategy means that I am nearly finished with the first sleeve of the pullover and am making headway on the waterfall cardigan.

Best moment: Willow and I had a great afternoon at the pool on Sunday. I got this gorgeous shot of her with a heart-shaped piece of watermelon and I got to lounge on my giant beach towel while soaking up some vitamin D. It was just what I needed and I am feeling a lot like myself this week because of it.


So much rain this week!

Random: I have been working on getting back to a decent workout schedule. Remind me not to take such long breaks again! It’s kicking my ass! *wheezes*


My Urn Plants are in flower. The blooms are so gorgeous. Look at those colours! (Don’t mind the cat hair. There is cat hair on literally everything in my house)

Looking forward to: I have started getting all my ducks in a row for my friend’s bridal shower! it’s going to be lovely. I’m so excited. Also, we’re going away this weekend to see my folks I can wait!


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