Willow and I spent Sunday afternoon soaking up some sun and enjoying the warm water of the swimming pool.

It looks to have been just in time too because some seriously rainy weather blew in overnight and looks to be the start of the autumn season for us.

After this cold front blows over the temperatures don’t look like they’ll rise much above the mid-twenties for a good long while. Even the leaves on the trees are starting to change already. Winter is coming soon, and if I were to hazard a guess, I would say that this year is going to be cold.

I have been craving a change lately. My days have become monotonous lately. A little bit of a shakeup is good for the soul; even if it is just packing away my summer clothes in favour of warmer, darker, richer items.


Showing off her socks. It was incredibly important that I got them in the photo

I watched Willow has she headed off to class this morning. She looked so grown up in her skinny jeans and trainers. Her hair is always getting in her face, so we tie it up most days. She was also wearing a little jacket from last year and I can see how it’s getting too small for her.

Her legs always look longer and she seems taller when she’s wearing jeans. I’m not sure why that it, but it reinforces that my little baby is growing so rapidly. She’s practically grown out of toddlerhood already. In a few short months, she’ll be a preschooler! It rocks my world. Seriously, how did this all happen so fast!

The change of season always brings home how much she has changed and grown. She no longer fits any clothes from last year. Those 1-2 year t-shirts are more like crop pants, her shoes have gotten too tight. She needs this change too, if only because we are running out of summer clothes that fit!

She’s also developing so quickly in terms of personality and milestones. We’ve had a vocabulary explosions recently and we’re starting to see more and more simple sentences. She shows such incredible understanding and not only takes instruction but understands explanations. She’ll repeat things you say when you talk to her and then produce words that amaze me when I’m least expecting them.

Her favourite thing at the moment is counting. For a long time, she had something again the number three. We would often hear one, two, four, five. But three has taken hold now and she counts perfectly to five and sometimes to six and seven.

She counts down for everything. She will count down before throwing a ball. She will countdown before jumping, she will count down before getting on the toilet or in the bath. She sort of drags out the numbers too and makes says them in a sing-song way. It’s very cute.

She’s also a big fan of the ABC song and hide and seek. Although Willow’s version of hide and seek is telling you where to hide and then you need to chase her.

I’m looking forward to this new season and all the changes it will bring.


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