Friday Favourites: 17 February


The Beautiful Valentine’s roses from A

It feels good to be writing one of these posts again. I feel like I haven’t done one in ages.

This week has been a busy one. We got to see my sisters BF when he had a quick stop over in Joburg on Monday. My dad managed to be here as well and we all went out for dinner. Tuesday then turned out to be quite grim. I struggled with the dizziness again. But the good news is that my lab results all came in and I don’t have Malaria and I’m definitely not pregnant. My Dr says it’s probably some kind of viral infection made worse by stress and tiredness. I have been feeling much better since and am hopeful that I’ve worked through it and am properly on the mend.



Willow had a lot more chill than me this week

A surprised Willow and I on Tuesday with a little Valentine’s gift. We don’t usually commemorate the day, but I will say I was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful vase of red roses for me and squishy teddy bear for Willow that were delivered to the house. That man is a keeper.



Willow’s new signature grin. She makes this face every time she sees the camera

I hope you all have a great weekend! Chat soon xx


Product of the week: I wrote a full post on our new stroller – the Joie Brisk here. The more we use it the more we love it. It’s perfect for our needs right now and I see us getting tons of use out if it. It’s even encouraging me to take Willow out for walks more.



Please note another stunning example of the cheesy grin!

Purchase of the week: We didn’t buy these, but Willow was given a stunning pair of Peppa Pig sneakers from her Aunt who went on a trip to Taiwan recently. They are pink, velcro fastening and have glitter. In short they are now Willow’s favourite pair of shoes and she has worn them every day this week!

Project of the week: I have started a new project for myself and so far so good. Its a beautiful jersey and I’m using the most amazing yarn – the Vinnis Serina, which is 100% bamboo. I’m excited to see how this comes out.

Best moment: I wasn’t feeling too great over the weekend and A offered to give me a foot rub. Willow helped and it was the sweetest thing. Although I think she was more excited to play with the foot cream. I was also wonderfully surprised to receive flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Random: You know you’re a mom when you start rewatching Doc McStuffins from the very beginning. I’m eagerly awaiting the new season so I can watch some more material! Until then it’s Strawberry Shortcake.

Looking forward to: Right now the thing I’m most looking forward to is feeling more like myself again. I really need to get out of this funk. I feel like I’m getting their in small increments each day.


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