Joie Brisk Review

For a while Now A and I have been intending to get a simple stroller for Willow. We already have and love the Joie Chrome, but we needed something a little smaller now that Willow is a toddler.
We had a look at the many options available to us, but ended up buying the Joie Brisk. Joie is a brand we know and love. We have had great success with everything of theirs that we own. We have the Chrome travel system which came with the Gemm car capsule and isofix base, we currently use the Joie Stages carseat, which has really grown with Willow and is a great buy. We also bought the Joie Illusion travel cot, which Willow slept in every night of her life for the first 7 months and still uses when we go visit my parents.

So far we have really being enjoying the Brisk. Here’s what I love about it:

It’s really light and folds up to a very small, compact size. This means we gain our boot space back!

It is incredibly quick and easy to set up and to fold down. It has this nifty one handed folding mechanism. It literally takes a second to pop up and put down.

I love the colour. The one we bought is this funky lime green. They did have black as well, but the green stands out more for us.

It is such and easy drive. It is one of those prams with the separate handles instead of a solid bar. It is easy to push and easy to steer. Some strollers were so hard to drive and the wheels did weird things. This one is a breeze.

It’s washable. The same as out Joie stages and Chrome all the bits pop off and can be tossed in the washing machine. This makes it so easy to keep clean. People looked at use funny when we bought our Chrome in stone as it’s a light colour, but I have to say I never really noticed the dirt on it that much. I actually think you’ll notice it more on the black.

It feels sturdy. Nothing freaks me out more than prams and strollers that feel flimsy. I can’t stand the thought of it not being able to support my child’s weight. So the fact that Joie’s stuff feels really sturdy and secure while still being light and manoeuvrable is a big plus for me.

It’s not too broad. I know a lot of people who have very broad prams and strollers, which makes shopping or being in a mall a nightmare. I’ve never had that problem with Joie. They are quite narrow and fit in all aisles as well as being able to drive between tables at restaurants.

It’s got a decent basket – you need a big basket so you can stash your shopping or nappy bag. This one is great. It also doesn’t affect the balance of the stroller when it’s loaded.

The foot brake is easy to use and doesn’t scuff your shoes. It’s the little things. The brake requires no effort to engage or take off and the front wheels can log too if you want.

It has a handy dandy handle on the side that you can use to carry it when it’s folded.


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