Adventures in Adult Braces: January

I had my first orthodontist appointment of the year yesterday and was a big one.

First things first, my palatal arch was removed! I’m so freaking happy about that you can’t even imagine. Don’t get me wrong, I got used to the arch and some days I didn’t even know it was there. But the thing was pretty uncomfortable for the majority of the time. It used to cut into my tongue quite badly and every time my teeth would shift it would find a new sensitive part to irritate.

Having it removed was not fun. The technician first had to grind off the glue that attached the device to my premolars. The tool she used caused the weirdest feeling. It was like having an angle grinder inside my head. It gave me the same feeling in my teeth that you get in your hands when holding onto the handlebars of a bicycle and driving over some intense corrugations.

Once all that was done she had to tug and pull at the device to get it to release from to collars around my back molars. After that, she was able to remove it pretty easily. The feeling of it lifting away from the roof of my mouth was unpleasant too. The top of my mouth had felt anything for 10 months and now it was hypersensitive to touch. My tongue, hurt, eating and drinking hurt. I don’t recommend it. Although I will say that I got used to it quite quickly and experienced absolutely zero lisp this time around. And we saved my tooth! I’m so happy about having avoided an extraction. Whoop!

With the arch removed I was given bigger gauge wires on my top and bottom teeth. I had another elastic tied around the tooth the want to move into the gap that has been created for it and I’m still wearing elastics day and night.

My mouth is pretty sensitive and sore at the moment, especially the back molars on my left side. I have had to resort to taking pain meds, which I haven’t had to do for months. I’m sure things will settle down in a few days, but for now, I’m on soft foods.

My orthodontist is really happy with my progress. In fact, he says things have progressed so much quicker than he was expecting. He looked a little shocked, to be honest. I do seem to have a responsive mouth. So I’m a little worried about this treatment sticking if you know what I mean. I do not want to go through this again.

But at least the end is in sight now. In April I will have been in braces for a year! He prescribed 12 to 18 months for the treatment so I hope that means that by April the braces will be ready to come off. At my next appointment, I’m going to chat with him about that possibility. With two weddings coming up I would like to be able to show off my straight teeth.



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