What Willow got for Christmas and her birthday

Today I thought I would show you what Willow got for her birthday and Christmas.

I will chat about the most successful gifts that have received the most play time so far. I hope this will help if you’re looking for a little inspiration for gifts for a two-year-old girl.


Cooking in her kitchen

Play kitchen – This was recommended for 3 plus, but Willow has been having a huge amount of fund with her kitchen.  I chose one that doesn’t have small parts and is very sturdy (it took A and his dad ages to put it together). But it has been hugely successful. Willow is always pottering around in it pretending to make food and wash her hands. It’s so much fun to watch.


Willow has really started to get into role playing. She especially likes imitating every day events

Cutting food – This is from Melissa and Doug and has been a great success. Willow will sit for ages cutting the food and putting it back together.

Coffee machine – Another Melissa and Doug item. This is a little pod machine similar to ours. Willow has made me endless cups of coffee. I see this as training for the future when she can actually make me some real coffee. Another great item has been her tea set. We have had a lot of tea parties.


Taking her baby for a walk


Baby Doll – Willow has developed a fascination with babies and loves having one of her own. She feeds it a bottle, wraps it in blankets, pushes it about in her trolley and puts it to bed in her bed.


Household cleaning items – I gave Willow an ironing board and iron and a dustpan and broom. She used them to imitate me when I’m cleaning the house and will potter about randomly sweeping the floors. I think this would also be a great universal gift. All kids love to copy every day tasks.


Dress up clothes – To be fair, she only got one set of fairy wings and a tutu as a gift from my mom, but these have been such a hit! I’m pretty sure we will be adding to our collection very soon. She is only starting to get into role playing now but its so much fun to see her dress up and run about in glittery wings.

Books – We added a few new reads to Willow’s growing library. She got some fun books with flaps which she loves. She also got a book all about her name from her grandparents, which has been a lot of fun to read.

Doctor’s set – This was a little doctor’s set for Christmas. This has been lots of fun to play with as she is a big fan of Doc McStuffins. She will check your ears, listen to your heart beat, administer medicine. It’s very cute.


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