The big clearout



The piles of toys to sort through


One of the big things I wanted to get done at the beginning of the year was a huge tidy up of the house. It’s amazing how much you accumulate when you have lived in one place for a while.

Each year I do a big clearout of Willow’s toys. Willow gets so many new things for Christmas and her birthday that it makes sense to go through the things she’s not playing with or has outgrown. I decide what I’m keeping, but will put into storage, what will be donated and what will be organised in storage. This year I managed to clear out so much! I took a huge box to a local donation centre. It felt good to know that these toys will be enjoyed by other children.

While I was on a role I then went through the cupboard in the guestroom, the storage we have under our stairs, and the cupboards and shelves in the lounge. I was packing away the Christmas decorations and this all needed to be repacked anyway so I went ahead and did it.


My newly tidied kitchen counter

We also had a water filter installed so this was the motivation I needed to tackle the kitchen cupboards as well. I have boxes and boxes or things to throw out or take to the donation centre. It’s amazing how much stuff we were holding onto that hadn’t been used in years!

It feels so good to have lightened our load. I also did a huge clear out in Willow’s bedroom as well as my cupboards in the master bedroom. I still need to tackle the bathroom cupboards, as well as our pantry cupboard.

I feel really energized and refreshed since the giant cleanout. I was incredibly ruthless and got rid of everything that hadn’t been used in the [past year. It’s amazing to open cupboard doors and see everything I need and use standing in neat little rows.


The car full of items for donation

One thing I focused on getting rid of was plastic containers. Anything that was damaged, milky or hadn’t been used was tossed in a box. I want to start reducing the amount of plastic in our house and this was the opportunity to do it. I still have some that I will use in rotation with glass for the time being.

I’m proud of what the house looks like! It’s so neat and tidy. I worked really hard and I can’t wait for it all to be done.


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