Willow at 2


Willow has really started to get into role playing. She especially likes imitating every day events

Wow! this delightful little creature is getting so big. She’s TWO! What?! This is going to be a long post so grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable!

I swear Willow sprouts up overnight. One day she is straining to reach things and the next she is tall enough to open doors, reach the light switches, put her hand on the top of the balustrades, climb onto the bar stools by herself and reach the stove top! Oi Vey…

I admit there are still days when I look at her and I can’t believe she’s here and getting so big and is so much fun. I also often wonder who put me in charge and a lot of the time I feel wholly underqualified for such a job. But I’ve managed to get her to two years old without major incident. Yay me!


Life with a little girls means lots of tea parties

It was like a switch was flicked on her second birthday and she decided to completely leave babyhood behind. All of a sudden she is speaking in short sentences. Although I still act as interpreter to translate for those who don’t spend a lot of time in her company, she is not able to make herself understood 90% of the time. It blows. My. Mind!

She is such a sweet little person. She loves music and often sings to herself while going about her day. Her new thing is singing along to the music on the radio in the car. She closes her eyes to belt out the high notes in a special type of Willow Gibberish. It’s too adorable for words. She loves spontaneous dance parties and keeps incredible rhythm. I didn’t think that was possible for someone so young. I reckon she’s going to play an instrument and dance in her future. She now runs up to the music system and requests that I put some tunes on for her so she can get her bogey on. And she dances along to the music in shopping centers while being driven around in the trolley.


Taking her baby for a walk

She has her moments, especially at the moment. She is getting quite good at the fake cry, which drives me mad. I understand now why my mom used to hate it. She will throw strops over little things, dislikes being reprimanded, especially by her father and hates being hungry! That girl is dictated by her stomach – so scarily like me that it borders on the ridiculous. She gets hangry at lightning speed.

On the whole, she is an incredibly loving, affectionate and compassionate person. She isn’t at all impulsive and prefers to observe and analyze a situation before jumping in. Her natural cautiousness is very endearing. She is incredibly friendly, however. She loves other people, especially children. She is also currently obsessed with babies and walks around pointing out all the ‘babays!’


Cooking in her kitchen

She is very fastidious and concerned with cleanliness. She has to stop everything to throw rubbish away and needs her hands cleaned on a regular basis during the day. She loves blowing her nose and throwing the tissue in the dustbin.


Walks on tippy toes a lot

Is tall enough to see onto the kitchen counter when on tippy toes.

Is tall enough to reach the light switches without a step.

Loves swimming and goes under water happily. Loves to jump from the wall into the pool and loves to be thrown in the air and then go under. Floats on her own and kicks to propel herself when trying to reach the wall.

Loves bananas, strawberries, cheese, cheerios, chicken, pasta, trout and salmon, zucchini noodles, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber and baby mielies (corn). She refuses to eat sweet potato and orange veggies except for carrots. Tomatoes are hit and miss.

Speaks a lot. She makes short two or three word sentences: Where’d it go? There it is! Make Open, Go Away! Want more, Mine! Babay! Are phrases we hear a lot in this household.

Understands that everyone has a name. I’ve become Mommy and A is Dad or Daddy, others include: Opa (paternal grandfather), Oma (Paternal grandmother) Granty (Maternal Grandfather) and Nana (maternal grandmother, although sometimes she calls my mother mom too), Goman (Carmen), Gya (Kyla), Riki (Ricky), Day (Dave). Calls every one Teacher when she has a request.

She is getting the hang of please and thank you. Has figured out we will give her what she wants when she says please so she will come to you and shout ‘Please!’ while hold a cup or plate.

Her favourite song is still Twinkle Twinkle. She does little movements where she opens and closes her hands while singing it. You can also hear some lyrics coming through. Usually sounds like: Tink Tink, uh uh Star. Up above then gibberish. She also loves the wheels on the bus, row, row, row your boat and baa baa black sheep.

She loves Doc McStuffins. She got a doctor’s set for Christmas and sings “Time for Your Check Up” while checking your ears

She still has a nap in the middle of the day and will drink a bottle of milk before going down. She also has milk before bed. Her bedtime is between 7 and 7.30 and this works well for us. Currently, she wakes up at between 7.30 and 8am.

She loves books and being read to. She will also often fetch a book and browse through it looking at the pictures and babbling to herself.

She loves to help me in the garden and enjoys watering the plants and squirting them with the spritzer.

She loves helping to unpack the dishwasher and will bring you one piece of cutlery at a time to put in the drawer.

She is starting to role play and will now play with dolls. She lays them on the couch, wraps them in a blanket and gives them kisses. She also likes to give the dolls water to drink. We got her a kitchen for her birthday and she loves to bring me the spoon to taste what she’s made and delights in making me cups of coffee.

She loves accessorizing and will put on hats, necklaces and sunglasses. She also changes her shoes about a hundred times a day.

She can put on her own shoes (often on the correct feet) and takes off her own pants and nappy.

She is potty training herself and will often ask you to take her to the toilet by coming to you and announcing ‘Wee!’.


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