Back to reality

Willow checking out an elephant during the holidays. How cute is that miniature camping chair?

Well, the holidays are officially over and we are back to our usual routines.
This week is a little all over the place.  My car ran a wheel bearing and the garage didn’t have the part to repair it. It’s expected this week, but until the car is fixed A and I are sharing a vehicle. This makes mornings quite a mission as I need to dropped Willow off at school then A at work before I can head to work myself. 

I’m looking forward to restoring normality to our lives. The holidays threw quite a bit off and while it was fun I’m ready for some structure.

I’m happy to report that we had zero drama dropping Willow off at school this morning. She went happily to the teacher and waved us off quite cheerfully. We also start swimming again today. Which I’m sure she’ll love.

I want to get back into meal planning and reinvigorating my bullet journal. We are going to be really busy in the first quarter of this year and I have a feeling that sticking to a plan will be essential. 

So back to the grind we go. I hope you have all had a really good start to the new year. Posting will get back to normal around these parts now that I’m back at work and have my routine back in place!

Chat soon  xx.


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