Friday Favourites: 16 December


The essentials for tree trimming

The working year is at an end for me! I have a wonderful three weeks off to look forward to and I really feel like I need them!

This year has been good, but hard at the same time. I feel like we had to work at everything and now I am just tired. We have been incredibly busy for the past four months and I feel run down and over it. I’m really looking forward to some time off to soak up quality time with Willow, enjoy Christmas with our families and regain some energy.


Willow enjoying her mince pie. Full disclosure – she didn’t finish it

This last week was all about finishing up the outstanding tasks at work and getting ready for Friends’ Christmas – which is what we call the annual gathering of our friends before we all leave town to spend time with our respective families. For once all the gift buying was done and all I needed to do was wrap, wrap, wrap. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m horrid at wrapping.

A was also asked to put together a Santa Shoebox of an under privileged child. He got a 110-year-oldboy. We had a lot of fun choosing the items to go into the box and spent a lot of time arguing over the what was an appropriate toothbrush (they asked we include toiletries) and I got to pick him out an outfit.


Loving on Tango on her first morning back from Durban. She is obsessed with this cat

The downhill rush to Christmas in starting to sweep me up. I haven’t really been feeling it until now. But Willow and I put up the tree on the weekend which was a lot of fun. She started off by throwing the Baubles all over the room (thank goodness they were plastic!) However, she quickly figured out what to do with them and was incredibly meticulous about hanging them on the tree. She also loved stringing tinsel on the tree.

Our tree is now decidedly lopsided and looks like we tried to cover it in every single colour. I love it.


My afternoons these day involve sitting on the floor surrounded by brightly coloured toys. I need to do some serious toy thinning in the coming weeks! I know she’s going to get so many new ones for her birthday/Christmas

I hope you all have a great weekend. Chat soon! xx


Carribean Tan Tanning Spritz in Shade B is definitely my fav


Product of the week: I have been getting a lot of use from my Caribbean Tan Self Tan Spritzer. This is the original incarnation of Caribbean Tan and by far my favourite. I’m naturally very pale and I find this gives me the best looking natural tan. You have to apply it with the mitt for the best results. The combo produces a beautiful even, streak-free finish. I love that this has a guide colour so you can make sure you leave zero patches. The guide colour is also a really nice colour so you can apply in the morning and go about your day with no worries. However, I prefer to apply this at night and sleep on it. The tan lasts just over a week and fades beautifully.


In love with this cardi from Pick ‘n Pay, perfect for a chilly morning and slouching around the house

Purchase of the week: I got this lovely cardigan at Pick n Pay. Sometimes you just need a little something to give you warmth, even in the summer. This one is the perfect colour and fit. I’m so chuffed with it.


Putting the star on the top of the tree

Best moment: Putting up the tree with Willow. She made it take twice as long and the whole process was 10 times as messy, but it was also 10 times more fun. All the Baubles got hung on one side of the tree and while I tried to even things out, it still looks very lopsided. It’s perfect.

Looking forward to: Friends’ Christmas, vacation (even though I’m mostly staying at home) and doing a few Christmas activities with Willow.


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