Friday Favourites: 9 December


Taking in the sea turtles

We had a fantastic weekend with Willow in Durban.

It was a quick visit for A and I as we just dropped her off with my iin-laws but we managed to go to Ushaka where we saw the dolphin show and took in the aquarium. Willow loved the aquarium as much this year as she did last year.


She loved the Sea Turtles at Ushaka

We were also able to wander around Gateway and see a movie: We saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Moana. I adored them both!


Watching the Dolphin Show

I also got to spend some time on the beach – you can’t go to Durban and not go to the beach!

It was very difficult for us to say goodbye to her. This is the first time she’s been away from us for more than a day. I have been counting the days until I get to go fetch her and bring her home.

The week has been really quite. To be truthful I haven’t know quite what to do with myself. I have managed to get a lot of work done, which was useful. I also took the time to rest. I’ve been feeling very run down lately. But I missed Willow Bug too much. It amazes me how slow my days are without the Munchkin. The house is too quiet.


Enjoying a quick lie down by the poolside

I’m off to get her this afternoon and I can’t wait to see her. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Chat soon xx.


Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick in Floral Coral

Product of the week: I have rediscovered my Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick in Floral Coral. The name is misleading as this is definitely not coral, it’s pink. It’s beautiful none the less, I just think they could have names it better. The formula is matte and long lasting without being drying on the lips. I think the shade really suits my skin tone. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Clarins Bronzer and Waterproof Eyeshadows in Golden Peach and Copper Brown

Purchase of the week: I gave into temptation and bought myself a few items from the Clarins summer collection. I love the brand and usually pick up something from their limited edition ranges. I have been lusting after these for ages and have don’t a lot of research on the bronzer. I needed a new bronzer anyway and decided to spoil myself to this one. It’s so pretty! I also got two fo the waterproof cream shadows in Golden Peach and Copper Brown. Both or gorgeous on the eye and do not budge!


I have started a new knitting project. The wool is so fine and the needles so small! My hands start cramping up, but the finished jersey will be so worth it!

Project of the week: I have started knitting a baby jersey for a family member who will be having a baby early next year. This has become a bit of a tradition and is one that I really enjoy. The pattern I have chosen is to die for. I’m really excited to see the finished result. It also has techniques I have never attempted before, which is why I am giving myself plenty of time to finish it, just in case I need to start again. I’m still knitting my waterfall jersey, but I have set that aside for now. Adult jerseys just take soooo loooong!


A ragged tooth shark

Best moment: Watching Willow take in all the fish at the aquarium. She adored the sea turtles, sting rays and the big fish in the large displays. Her attention isn’t held by the small displays yet; although she was fascinated by the jellyfish.

Looking forward to: Having Willow home and finishing up the last week of work for the year. I will be off from the 15th. I am more than ready for this holiday


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