Friday Favourites: 2 December

Willow's Hibiscus is looking gorgeous this season

Willow’s Hibiscus is looking gorgeous this season

Willow has officially entered her naked phase and I’m not quite sure what to do about it.

She has been working on learning how to take her clothes off for a while now. But in recent days she has gotten quite proficient at it. Every opportunity she gets she will whip all her clothes off, including her nappy, and run around naked. She just loves it.

Little TimTam Thief

Little TimTam Thief

I’m not concerned about her getting cold. It’s summer here and it’s hot and humid. From that perspective, I don’t blame her want to be naked. What does concern me is the fact that she is not 100% potty trained yet.

I say 100% because she has been slowly potty training herself. For a few months not she has been asking to go ‘wee wee’ in the toilet. We take her down to the bathroom, sit her on the loo and she does her thing. She loves being able to wipe and flush afterwards. It’s quite amazing.

Playing on the Tractor at the nursery

Playing on the Tractor at the nursery

I haven’t been pushing or making a big deal out of it because I don’t believe she’s completely ready for this step yet and I don’t want to make her scared of the toilet. So I’ve just been letting it happen as it will.

But now that she insists on being naked all the time I think I may need to be more aggressive with the potty training. I don’t know what to do. I think we’ll play it by ear for a few more weeks. Then I will be on leave from work and Willow will be out of school. Maybe by then I will have a more clear idea of how to handle things.

New favourite game - unpacking my bedside drawer. She has to do it every day

New favourite game – unpacking my bedside drawer. She has to do it every day

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Chat soon! xx

Physician's Formula ArganWear Bronzer

Physician’s Formula ArganWear Bronzer

Product of the week: I have owned my Physican’s Formula ArganWear Bronzer for well over a year now and it is such a loved product in my collection. In my opinion, the best bronzers for pale girls at the drug store is done my Physician’s Formula. The formulation is so buttery and easy to blend, the colour is spot on and subtle, it isn’t shimmery but not flat matte either so you get a gorgeous healthy look to your skin. It’s full of win. I use mine every day and have seriously hit pan on it. I need a new one but admit I’m torn. I don’t know if I should buy another now, or hold out a bit longer and see if the Butter Bronzer is launched here. In any event, this one is a total winner and I love it.

Purchase of the week: This purchase hasn’t happened at the time I wrote this, but buy the time you read it I will have a new phone! I’m so excited! I’m getting a Samsung S7. I know that the S8 will probably be out soon, but I don’t mind. My old phone has been giving me so many issues and I can’t wait for a new one. It will be the rose gold one. Yay!

Best moment: Yesterday I watched in awe as Willow arranged a series of containers in a line. It was so amazing to me. Not only did she carefully place them in a straight line, but she also arranged them in size order from tallest to shortest. She did it so deliberately and with such thought that there was no way it was a coincidence. She also didn’t put them in order from the start. She noticed that the one she had in her hand belonged at a different point in the queue. She carefully made a place for it and placed it in sequence. My mind was blown!

Looking forward to: We’re heading to Durban for a long weekend tomorrow. We’re dropping Willow off to stay with her grandparents for the week and decided to add an extra day to make the trip worth it. I’m really looking forward to seeing the sea and taking Willow back to Ushaka Marine world. I am not, however, looking forward to not having her at home for a week. I’m all kinds of nervous and anxious about both flights (taking her to Durban and fetching her at the end of the week) and her being away from me. So many mixed emotions.


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