Adventures in Adult Braces: November

I had my monthly appointment with the orthodontist yesterday. This is the last one for the year, I will only see him again in January.

It ended up being a very quick and disappointing appointment. While my progress is still classed as ‘excellent’ I have a way to go before they can take the palatal arch out.

I felt I had made huge progress since my last visit. The tooth they were planning on moving has moved a lot. I have a huge gap and the gap on the other side which we were working on closing gets smaller by the day. In case you have missed it: we are working on moving all my teeth in my upper jaw to the right as they are severely out of alignment. The only problem is that while the one gap is a lot smaller, it is not closed yet.

So for the next two months, we are working on closing that gap and widening the other. To do this a new elastic was tied around the brackets to pull the gap closed and a spring was inserted on the other side to apply counter pressure and widen that gap. I am also still to wear the elastic day and night on that side.

My orthodontist has promised me that the palatal arch will come out in January. That will then assist us in moving the rest of my teeth into the correct placement.

While I was really hoping the arch would come out this week, I’m still happy with my progress. It amazes me how I can have so much equipment in my mouth, yet they are still able to put so much pressure on a single tooth. The tooth they are moving is quite sore, which makes sense since it has moved so much in the past month. I can’t apply pressure on it, so I am reduced to chewing on only one side of my mouth.

But beyond that, I can’t complain much. I look forward to this all being done, though. And I’m really looking forward to this damn thing coming out.


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