5 Goals for November


Wow, October flew past in a blurred rush and I’m left feeling a little dazed! But with the start of the new month comes the chance to set some fresh goals and have new experiences.

October is a huge celebration month for us and this month I turned 30, so the celebrations were even more intense than usual. I’m left with my jeans feeling a little too tight and my skin looking a little tired and dull. So I’m taking this month to recentre and regroup.

I hope you have a wonderful month. Here are my goals for the month of November:

  1. Get back on the health bandwagon. I have decided to start the Bikini Body Guide Program by Kayla Itsines. By all accounts it’s pretty intense, but I’m eager for a challenge and a program that will kick my but into shape sounds like a winner. Wish me luck!
  2. Start Christmas shopping and planning Willow’s birthday. The Munchkin is turning two in two short months. I feel a little under prepared! It’s a little challenging with Christmas and her birthday so close together so I need to think about gifts and how to divide them fairly. We have some exciting gifts in mind. I think I’ll be more excited than she will. Oh and I still need to buy gifts for everyone else as well…
  3. Getting my palatal arch removed. I don’t have much control over this one, but I am willing my teeth to move with every fibre of my being. I have my last orthodontist appointment of the year at the end of November and if the arch is coming out before the end of the year it will come out then. The original assessment was that I only needed it for eight months, so November should be it. I hope!
  4. Enjoy having my whole family together for the first time in years, make as many memories as I can and soak up as much as I can! My sisters will be here in two short weeks, both of them! And we are going to have a mini break in the bush all together – the whole family! I’m so excited I could pop!!! I plan to really take it all in and enjoy it.
  5. Getting back to knitting. I have a few projects that I have to accomplish this month – two for friends who are looking for gifts. So I need to get my knit on and finish up the projects that have been lying around for months.

I hope you all have a great November and achieve all the things you set out for yourself!


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