Friday Favourites: October 21


My daisy bush looking gorgeous after the rain


Today is my birthday! I have officially left my 20s behind and am looking forward to the adventure that is being a 30 something.

I love birthdays and this one is shaping up to be amazing. I woke up early to listen to the rain and watch the lightning outside my bedroom window. You can always trust it to rain on my birthday.

Willow loves babychinos and biscuits

Willow loves babychinos and biscuits

This afternoon the fam and I are heading off to my in-laws’ place in the bush for a weekend celebration with our nearest and dearest. This is my idea of heaven. I have never been a big party person, but a nice weekend away with friends and family, plenty of cake and champagne sounds like an epic time to me.

The birthday celebrations started on the weekend and have been continuing on all week. This is the best kind of birthday. A bought me a gorgeous Fossil watch. He knew I wanted a watch and we browsed countless websites looking for the right one. When I saw this one I fell in love immediately, but we struggled to find it on a South African site. We eventually took a chance that it was in the Fossil shop at Sandton City and it was! It’s the Jacqueline with a stainless steel strap in Navy. It has rose gold details on the face and it is a thing of complete beauty.

Taking a moment to watch Dancing with the stars

Taking a moment to watch Dancing with the stars

My parents bought me a rain water harvesting tank which arrived via courier this week. I’m super amped about this! #adulting. We are in the middle of a drought here and have some pretty severe water restriction, which look to be continuing on for the foreseeable future. I have wanted a water tank for absolute ages. I’m so excited to get it set up.

Cupcakes for breakfast on my 30th birthday

Cupcakes for breakfast on my 30th birthday

A also took me out for a wonderful dinner last night. We gorged ourselves on tapas, champagne and cheesecake. Calories don’t count on birthdays!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Chat soon.


My gift from A

Product of the week: My gorgeous Fossil watch. I have only really owned it for a few hours, but I have been obsessing about it all week. Isn’t it a beaut?

Not the greatest pic, but I love my distressed jeans

Not the greatest pic, but I love my distressed jeans

Purchase of the week: I have been looking for the perfect pair of distressed jeans for ages. I like minimal distressing in just the right place. I like it to look natural and worn in. I also like the jeans to fit like a glove. I still haven’t found those jeans, but I had a brilliant idea. I would do it myself. So I got a pair of jeans from Pick n Pay for R150, I scoured Pinterest for a look I liked and I distressed them myself with sandpaper, a cheese grater and tweezers. I am in love! They fit perfectly, the distressing is exactly what I wanted and they didn’t cost me a lot of money.

Best moment: Every moment of this morning has been great and I am looking forward to it continuing. You can’t be sad when you get to eat cupcakes for breakfast!

Looking forward to: a weekend of birthday celebration with those closest to me, champagne and cake J


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