Adventures in Adult Braces: October

I had my latest check up with my orthodontist this week. What I thought would be a quick i and out appointment turned out to be a little longer and more exciting than I anticipated.

No, it was not as exciting as getting the infernal palatal arch removed, but exciting none-the-less. After checking on my progress and rattling of instructions to his assistants as usual I was ushered to the chair for my treatment.

The progress so far has been very good and my DR told me that everything was on track (with any luck that means that the arch will be removed at my next appointment!). The back two teeth have moved into the correct position so we can now concentrate on moving the rest of my teeth into place.

The first step to achieving this was to cut one of the wires from the arch. This wire was anchored to the tooth that they want to move and cutting it would help with the progress. This was an incredibly uncomfortable process. It didn’t hurt, but it was not fun.

The wire is very thick and the assistant need to use some rather huge looking cutters (they almost didn’t fit in my mouth!). She had to grind the glue off the tooth, bend the wire and cut it. Then grind the sharp edge of the wire away so it would cut up the inside of my mouth. This was as uncomfortable as you imagine it to be.

Once the wire was cut she has to change the gauge of my braces to a slightly bigger one and change the elastics as usual. She then tied a very thin, but strong elastic around the braces on the tooth we are trying to move and the tooth on the other side of the gap created. This tiny little torture device has been the cause of much sensitivity and pressure in the back of my mouth. It is not a comfortable feeling.

Last time I was told to wear two elastics from my top to bottom teeth day and night. This time I have been downgraded to one. It was a bit of an ordeal and I feel quite tender. But I am buoyed by the fact that there is progress and that the end will soon be insight.

My next appointment will be at the end of November and this is the last one for the year. Hold thumbs that the palatal arch will be coming out!


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