Friday Favourites: September 30

The Dutch Irises opened a few days ago

The Dutch Irises opened a few days ago

I all I hope you are well.

We had a wonderful weekend last week. We were meant to go visit my parents, but A had to work so we ended up spending the weekend at home and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Willow loves plants and gardens. She loves being taken to the nursery and inspecting the plants

Willow loves plants and gardens. She loves being taken to the nursery and inspecting the plants

While A was at work on Saturday Willow and I took a trip to the nursery. We didn’t buy anything (a modern day miracle) but Willow had tons of fun running around, inspecting the plants and playing in the little playground. She particularly liked the swings. We arrived home and I did some work in the garden while she napped and then we spent the afternoon at the pool where she splashed and kicked and had a general good time.

Checking out camels at the zoo

Checking out camels at the zoo

Sunday was special. To make up for being at work all Saturday A said we could take Willow to the zoo. So we packed up our things and headed out quite early. Willow had an absolute blast and it was such a fun morning. She particularly liked the tiger, spider monkeys, emperor tamarinds and hippos. She run, walked and climbed everything. She sang songs. But the cutest thing was how she spent most of the morning picking up litter and throwing it in the bin. She is incredibly fastidious and it was adorable to watch.

Official taste tester

Official taste tester

She was exhausted by the time we got home and slept really well. I spent the afternoon watching the Masterchef Australia Finale and baking muffins. All Sundays should be like this.

It was a quiet week otherwise. Willow is working on bringing out another tooth and has been a little grumpy. We spent a few afternoons snuggled on the couch watching Disney movies.

poor sick Willow Bug

poor sick Willow Bug

On Thursday A and I celebrated out four year anniversary. It’s amazing how much time has flown! Facebook has been showing me much love with a few trips down memory lane courtesy of TimeHop. It’s been a hoot to read the statuses and see the photos leading up to and of the day. I have many special memories of that time.


We had plans to go out that evening, but when I picked Willow up that afternoon she felt like a little fireball. I managed to get a last minute appointment at the doctor where we found she had a temperature of 38.7 and bronchitis, poor thing.

Getting her meds from the pharmacy saw me getting locked inside for 20 minutes for a sick baby and no meds due to a power failure in the area.

A took the first shift with her this morning, working from home while I went to work. I get the afternoon shift. Luckily Willow seems to be responding well and looks to be on the mend.

Have a great weekend all. Chat soon!

My neighbor's lemon tree is all kinds of spectacular right now

My neighbor’s lemon tree is all kinds of spectacular right now

Product of the week: I have decided to start a bullet journal. I am a planner by nature, but recently I haven’t been as dedicated to it as I should be. I have really noticed my productivity slipping as a result. As a working mom with so much to keep track of a bullet journal really seemed like a smart choice. I am not going crazy with the planning and don’t intend to do plan-with-me posts. But I admit to really enjoying playing around with fonts and coloured pens. Little doodles in the corner margins are also making me happy.

Best moment: Spending time at the zoo and watching Willow taking it all in. Also singing songs with Willow and marvelling at how much her vocabulary is growing.

Looking forward to: Having a happy, healthy toddler again. I’m also excited about October. Its my birthday month and the most beautiful time of the year in terms of weather, flowers and general spring vibes.





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