The take-anywhere-home-workout essential

I have had resistance bands for ages, but never really appreciated their usefulness until willow came on the scene.

To be fair, even then for over a year my resistance bands still languished in a box somewhere. But as Willow’s schedule changes and evolves I find that my workouts have to change and evolve. Before I was able to squeeze yoga and strength training into nap times now I have to keep yoga for the weekend and  weekdays nap times are no longer.

I have no problem working out with her around. And often playing with her is the workout. But I’m not comfortable using hand weights around her. Maybe its my paranoid mom self, but I keep having visions of her playing with them and dropping them on her head or feet. I see broken fingers and concussions. So I have packed them away for the time being.

I was just relying on body weight, when I had a light bulb moment. This would be the perfect moment for resistance bands. So I went on the hunt to dig mine up. Since then I have been using them during afternoon workouts and they have been great. I have a very simple set and am thinking of upgrading to a set with handles. But right now these work just fine. Even Willow enjoys playing with them. They are also brilliant for travel as they weigh nothing and take up no room in a suitcase.

I went on the hunt on Pinterest and tracked down quite a few workouts for the resistance band. I have also taken to including y skipping rope for some cardio in between sets. I am left sore and feeling like I worked hard, which is the goal. So if you are short on space, working out at home or are on the move, try a resistance band! Below is a video to try out and I have pinned some workouts that you can check out here


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