Friday Favourites: September 23

This pansy looked so beautiful in the early morning sunshine

This pansy looked so beautiful in the early morning sunshine

Hi all, I hope that you have had a productive and good week.

My parents came over for a visit, which was lovely. As usual my mom and I got to spend time in the garden. I’m so proud of my little garden right now. It is looking so beautiful and I get such enjoyment out of it. I love to sit out there to eat my lunch or enjoy a cup of tea.

One newly revamped corner of my downstairs garden

One newly revamped corner of my downstairs garden

We are in a drought right now and have water restrictions in place. My garden is full of indigenous plants and is very water wise. Being small also helps. We have been using grey water from the house to water the plants. It really makes me feel better to know that every bit of water has been used. I have been thinking about how we can get a rainwater harvesting taking in our space. I think that will help a lot to conserve water.

I have been making a huge amount of kefir. My grains have doubled in quantity! It has been a challenge to come up with new ways to use it but I have really been enjoying a kefir smoothie every morning and am starting to experiment with ingredients. Willow is not too sure about it. She’s really hesitant about trying it. But she is enjoying her ice lollies. Little does she know that there is kefir in there too!

Other than that our week was pretty quiet. We just spent time hanging out and chatting. I hope you all have a great weekend! Chat soon.

Pistachio ice cream made with milk kefir

Pistachio ice cream made with milk kefir

Product of the week: I’m going to list kefir here. I know I have been banging on about it, but it has really made a difference to how good I feel. I have really been enjoying finding ways to use it up. The grains are also now easily available which makes a huge difference. And it’s so easy to make.

Purchase of the week: I have been looking for a decent denim jacket for ages. I have very exacting standards when it comes to denim jackets. They can’t be too cropped or boxy, or too faded or distressed. I wanted something in a mid wash that didn’t have silly badges on it and was beginning to despair that such a thing even existed. Then I spotted this beauty at Pick n Pay Clothing and my heart stood still. It’s like angels were singing. It’s so perfect! They also had denim waistcoats. I may need to go back and get one.

Best moment: Watching Willow become possessive of the garden. She loves to help me water the plants and has appropriated a squirter bottle which she uses to spritz water on the plants (and often herself as well). She has also started using works like flower. It’s adorable.

Looking forward to: I’ve ordered water kefir which is supposed to make a slightly sparkling drink. I’m hoping that it will be a good way to get A and Willow to consume more probiotics. There was a mix up with the delivery, but it looks to be arriving today and I can’t wait.


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