Discovering Kidofit shoes

Kidofit Sandals in Beach Walk

Kidofit Sandals in Beach Walk

I have been looking for decent barefoot technology shoes that are locally available for ages!

When my mother in law brought Willow a pair of Bobux shoes from Australia we both fell in love. They satisfied the need for cute shoes, while still being really good for Willow’s foot development.

I noticed that Willow seemed to walk better in the Bobux shoes. She tripped and slipped a lot less and seemed to be more stable.

However, they are expensive and not available here. We can get them shipped in, but with customs and such it will be even pricier. Thus, the need for something available in SA.

While searching for a better option I can across Kidofit shoes. Kidofit are available locally from Takealot as well as directly from their website!

So what makes these shoes different from the others you find in the department stores?

Firstly, they were designed by a PhD of Biomedical Engineering who specialises in foot biomechanics and ergonomics design. They have barefoot technology that makes it feel like walking barefoot – being barefoot is the best for foot development. They also have transparent soles! This means you can see how you child’s foot fits inside the shoe, no more feeling if their toes are squished or wriggling your finger into the back of the shoe.

They are also size adjustable with Velcro straps around the heel and arch of the foot. This means you can adjust the shoe as your child grows. Each shoe also comes with two inserts to adjust the fit if the shoe is too wide or loose for your child. These can be removed as your child’s foot grows. They are also light, flexible and breathable.

Now onto the nitty gritty:

Price – These retail for about R650 to R750 depending on the model you buy. In my opinion, this is pretty decent. These shoes are built to last and are they best for your child. But it completely depends on you and what ‘re prepared to spend. The plus side is they ship for free from their website and you can buy with Discovery Miles on Takealot which helps a lot. You won’t have hidden costs due to importing shoes. Also, Kidofit has a decent returns policy. You can return shoes within 14 Days. Be sure to read their T&Cs though.

Design – Besides all the good stuff I mentioned above, these shoes are also very cute to look at. We got Willow the Beach Walkers which look like watermelons! They are stinking cute. I love them. The other pairs I had my eye on are the Jasmines and the Viviannes. It was actually very difficult to decide which to buy.


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