Friday Favourites: September 9



Hi all, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and week. We went to vist A’s folks in Malalane and had a lovely relaxing weekend, which was really needed!


I have been suffering from the tail end of a sinus infection this week (yay spring!) and have been having sneezing fits and headaches. But I’m not complaining (too much)! The weather has been glorious and we have started packing away all the winter things. I love this time of the year. My little balcony garden is looking stunning and we are spending more time outside.


In other big news Willow turned 20 months old on the weekend. I can’t believe we’re here already! In four short months she will be two. Two! She’s getting so big. She doesn’t want to be carried so much, she’s got so much spunk. This is such a great age. She is also talking more and more. She still doesn’t like to repeat words – she gets all shy. But if you listen carefully you will here her saying all sort of things. And she likes to have conversations with you, even though it is mostly gibberish. I can’t wait for when we can communicate properly.

I had an Orthodontist appointment this week for my braces, which I spoke about here. Basically progress is going well and my orthodontist is happy. All good news. Although my new tighter elastics are making my teeth ache!

This weekend will be a chilled one spent at home. I plan to potter about the garden and play with my little one.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Product of the week: I got my anniversary present from A a little early this year. He got me a Jawbone Up 2. My old Jawbone was an 24 I think. Anyway the design of it meant that it just wasn’t fitting right anymore and we were having issues charging it. So A upgrades me! This one is much nicer. Its so sleek and pretty. The strap is more like a watch and has a clasp so it won’t lose its shape. It has a much better charger and seems to be a lot more sensitive. I’m in love. He did a really good job with the colour too.

Purchase of the week: I got some gorgeous espadrilles from Woolworths for R160! I ended up getting the 6 (the five was a smidge too tight and the 6 a smidge too loose) and I’m glad I did. They are insanely comfortable and I see myself getting great use out of them all season long. I was tempted by the silver, but got the navy for versatility. So far they have gone well with a lot of different things.


Best moment: Willow saying ‘Hi Daddy’ when A when into her room to greet her one morning. She then gave him a big cuddle. My heart just about exploded.


Looking forward to: September is a big month for us. There are a lot of birthdays, we will be travelling quite a bit, our wedding anniversary is coming up. I’m exhausted yet thrilled to think of all the stuff we have in the coming month!



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