Adventures in Adult Braces: September

I had my latest check up with my orthodontist this week and am happy to report that my treatment is going really well!
It was a very stock standard visit and it really didn’t take long. During the assessment my orthodontist said he was really pleased with the progress, which he termed ‘excellent’. This makes me very happy to hear because I haven’t been able to see any progress. I guess it takes a trained eye.
He said there has been a lot of movement on my right side (which is the side we are actively trying to move). There hasn’t been as much movement on my left, but he’s not worried and says everything is fine.
I do think that my bite has changed. When I clamp my teeth together they feel like they’re in different places. A says that my top teeth look close to the midline where they should be, but I still don’t see that myself. I think I’m too close to the problem.
I’m still in the palatal arch and still have the spring to aid with the last little push. I didn’t get any wire adjustments this time, but I was given stronger elastics. I also have to wear double elastics on my right side. I have had these in overnight and I can tell you my teeth ache! Like, really, really ache. I also can’t open my mouth very wide.
After that I was sent on my way. I have a shorter wait to see him this time. I will be back in four weeks instead of six. He wants to see how I respond before making the decision to remove the palatal arch. But he did say that it looks like they can remove that before December!
That’s all I have to report. Will do another update in October.


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